“700th Post!”

I think it’s crazy how.

I’ve lasted so long.

No face in the mud.

No bullets in my back.

No more selling crack.

I cracked my knuckles

Before I’ll ever fumble my


I’ll get pushed

Down by some badges.

Searched up.

beaten down!


never me!

I made it clear

That I’d shoot first

Before they ever bury


I’ll sleep awake!

So no one can take

My dreams.

I’ve grown here.

A month before I

Started typing on

WordPress. I was

Fresh up out the

Can. Throwing away

My I’d badge.


House raided again!


Days after. I was back

In jail. then questioned.

Almost violated parol

Into probation. Came home

Again to see my younger


He gave me the

Referral to refurbish

My life. Then he said to


“Tell your story!”

“Well don’t tell them everything?!”

“Man wtf!?”

“Just type in!?”

“You don’t know how to!?”

“Damn it!”

“Just write and I’ll type it!”

I’ve been on here ever since.


A negro still here!

Thanks for all the support, loves and encouraging words!

Peace and blessings to you all!

For Normalization

Bear with me…

I was never good with
Words. That’s why I
Barely spoken.

I knew what i wanted
To say. Then when my mouth
Opened. The words
Came out persecuted by contradiction.

I just want to be…

I’m not… I never will
Understand my ways
Or how I feel. Split
Personality, so we
Just talk to each other.
I know if I talk to myself
No one would make fun
Of or judge him….


You see…

I know this makes no
Sense. I forget numbers,
Dates, small things.
I struggle….
Every address I lived
I can only remember one of the numbers.

Bear with me…

I know I don’t make sense…

So frustrated, embracing,
Alone, sad, madness. All the
Sorrows with titles. Quotes
Like Scripture from the bible.

King James…

I’d rather gaze into
80 percent of the

Maybe someone linked to a prophet…

Maybe a May bee sweating over honey.

I picked up a gun
Before a book. Didn’t
Learn to read till I was a

All praise due to
The Almighty. Blessing
Me with a paper and pen.
Yet they still don’t here me.
Like they never understood
me then…

They say I speak in
Riddles soo…

Riddle me this…

Decode my words!
Behold the thought!
When teeth don’t show!
That means my pen
Will be a tattoo needle for

My woes will be jotted!
You could snort them
In lines then!

Try to..

Bear with the two headed
Viper crying! Some
Thoughts crippled
Till my mind has delayed
Then deleted!

All I ask is for you to bear with me…

Believe it……..

Big Facts 400

Indictments! now the truth
Comes out.

My name is my

Yet I hid
From my own


No no no!

Investigations are gone!
                        So so long!

Now I can give

Asia pronounced!
“I ja”

Yes, I hate my Name but, what true is real

Can’t be excused.

Nore do I have to
Explain my Damn

It feels good to
Be back

Now let me
Lay back. Take off my
Shoes off.

I apologize
For not being

For a reason!


Little explanations!

Understood only by those
That understand.

To keep my
Out of that iron

No sliding doors
For me. No Damn bars to hold me…

I hope you agree.

If not…..

Go back to the beginning
of me and re-read…

Now I will pay my respects to
Those who ain’t make it to 2021…


L. Turtle

C. James

Patricia b.





H. Rodney


M. Wilson

If I forgot some.
I’m sorry.

Justice will be
For y’alls

Happy “you” years to all!

Lock Down

She left you for the nose bleeds…

I have nothing…

She still wants me…

She wants something she can’t handle…

So she blew you off

like a candle…


I ment to say…


You controlled her like a game…

So shes headed in my route…


It’s not about her being loyal…

You treated her like top soil…

In my care she’s royal…

You cheated…

You yelled at here…

Screamed at her…

I let her be herself…

I believe in her…

You show her no love…

You break her in half…

Till she pops like soap suds…

She wants dat love…

That she deserves…

No money in my bank…

Living my life on the curbs…


She comes back to me…

She incaurages me…

She tells me…

I will always be loved by one…

She fell into my arms…

Like a metric ton…

I held her up…

Higher than the sun…

My lines…


There were no guide lines…

Your not my child…

Your an adult…

You ran her away…


Money ain’t everything…

You picked me over him…

So I’m thankful everday…

I don’t know what else to say….




I love all the
colors in the
world. A
of skin colors
and flesh. Colors
keep the world
spinning dripping
wet paint on a
blank canvas of
a colorless dinner
plates put on
display for
everyone to see.
I love it! I love
the different colors
God made. The
mortal difference…
The depth of
textures… Down
to every freckle,
eye color, hair color
and skin color. All
formed together
to make an
explosion of all
of life’s sweetest
things. Life’s
sweetest thing
to me is diversity.