Just Let Me Sleep In Peace

Let me overdose…

There is no better

Feeling to me than

Being closer to death.

I tried reaching for the

Sky and my hands

Shattered in to a

Million syringes filled

With the best option.

Toxic… I know but I love

The feeling. No one

Can hold me better than

You blanketing my pain

With your warm plush sweat

Itchy chain smoking love.

When the people that I

Trusted the most left me

For dead and I know you

Can make me ill

Sometimes I still chase

The first rush you’ve given

Me. Sometimes I need

You so bad. You are

Quickly becoming bad for

My heath and wellbeing.

So if you see my eyes rolling

And my body cold with

A blue color on my lips.

Just leave me for the coroners

And that icy slab of steal.

Draining my body’s liquids

Then donating my internal

Organs. Then now I can

Finally get some eternal sleep

Finally realizing life’s inhumane

Shackles from the oppressed

Background that I was very

Used to. Now I can truly

Have peace. Just Let me


I Didn’t Even Get A Tombstone

Nightmare on elm street. Someone or something ominous possess my dreams night and day. The suspect is a omen of evil that circles my mental physique like a burning hula hoop melting my consciousness disconnecting me from all that is good. I can’t fight it so I invite it to crawl out of the mirror and keep me company satisfing my loneliness and emptiness. It’s very presence makes me stronger and stronger. Immune to all forms of positivity. Grabbing me with its cold clutches as it digs into the back of my neck till it gets in my brain and takes over all of my humanly functions and emotions. I’m now distant and aggravated revolving in and out of two worlds. Is it heaven or hell? Then the vultures swooped down and ate at my dried up corps.

The Tomb of A Absent Soul

Slowly falling down the well of deception. Know one can help me so I spiral out of control for control over myself. Get a grip and live! It’s so dark here. So why would I want to? There is nothing for me at the bottom of this well, but my extinction will open up the portal to a peaceful slumber for my souls salvation. You can’t save me so stop trying. Tidal waves rise high covering the sun drowning my dreams for a better life. My coffins interior design is karma. I cooked up too much pain stew and surved many out of plastic bowls. Now it’s my turn to suffer. The bottom of the well will be a tomb incasing my wretchedness forever. Don’t try to salvage what’s been tattooed on the middle page in the closed book of my life. Never to be opened and never acknowledged. A silent death will be my escape from the one true hell I’m familiar with. Don’t save me…

Please Don’t Patronize Me

The battlefield…

Lives that faded…


Lack of patients…

Pants pockets in and out while rough hands go in them…

No planning…

Running up the hill of despair …

Silver dog tags with all my enemy’s names in them…

Brain washing home invasions that put us back on slave ships…


Why bother…

Smother me with your Rico act…

Somebody knocked on the door and grandma let the shot gun go like a child being left behind…

The youth are the truth…

The elders are a lie…

Target the rich for better kicks…

Imprisonment sank the battleship…

Bullets in your chest sprayed with insect repellent…

Settling for less is not an option…

Outcomes the ski masks And glocksmen…

In January it’s hot man…

All I see is good man…

Boots that left there tread on weak doors left hinges falling like Christmas snow…

While George Bush’s nostrals inhale his Christmas blow…

Fuck it!

Fuck communism!

Fuck poor and richer!

Fuck the justice system!

Fuck social security!

Fuck welfare and poverty!

Fuck the judge that sentence me!

Fuck the bullets that burned through my flesh!

Fuck Frank and Fuck the Dias brothers!

Fuck the bitch ass men that leave there ladys a single parent!

Fuck the women who have a good man but belittles him to a turnip!

Fuck it all… The battlefield…

Sorry! Just Me Speaking Out Loud

I don’t deserve this… I don’t deserve you… I don’t deserve love… I don’t deserve acknowledgement for what I so called do… I don’t know big words like you… I’m not a writer… I don’t inspire… Hell I cant even spell… The truth is all I can bare, but who wants that?                                                                                                                                                                        I’m not very smart… I don’t like to talk… I fail at language arts… I’d rather light flames on my hands to rage… I don’t need your words… I don’t deserve your friendship and to tell you the truth. I just want to quit this shit…                                                                                              I’m so sorry and pardon my french. My loneliness has a bench. So I’ll just sit to the side till the end of time.                                                                                                                                            Damaged… I’m so broken, no one can piece me back… My bipolar tendencies can’t be welded back… My heart hurts like I digested glass… Empty like the gas tank while I twist my keys on the way to hell… Now I know how spiders feel in the public’s eyes… I don’t look lovable… Most over looked and most hated by upper class self righteous critics… The under underdog roaming the streets without a name tag… I see no light at the end of this dark tunnel of anxiety… Watch me burn down slowly like an empty abandon house on the corner of a drug infested neighborhood… Uncontrollable untamed and wretched… Stainless steal steroid needles injected into bald eagles… If I bought peace to the middle east would I steel be a low grade, no class parasite compared to histories greatness or maybe I’ll just wait until pigs fly…                                                                                                               Or maybe you don’t deserve me?

I Cant Call It

I gave up… I swam to the deepest part of the ocean and sank. Even though I can swim. I tell you drowning was a sweet release from the hands of chaos in my life. No one came looking for me. No one even tried. Its cool… I expected this feeling of abandonment long before my souls absence. I just somehow vanished sinking deeper and deeper into the soft blue abyss inhaling salt water it until I couldn’t breath no longer. The only thing that cried for me was the sky. The sun played hide an go seek with the moon so all I ever saw were clouds dark like the kidneys of an old whisky drinker. I finally let my own sorrows get the best of me. A strong man I was. Now forgotten at the bottom of the deep blue bed of the sea of my own tears. Good night…

Poe Folk 

The blues…. Down and out… Poor and more… Some how life keeps showing me the door. So I leave out but I can’t get away from shame. Fingers get pointed and my index is double jointed and somehow my pointer and trigger puller get pointed back at the so called anointed and mirrors dance all around me laughing and ridiculing my discomfort. Disgruntled facial expressions close captioning my thoughts in discretion. Nothing but lent and space in my pockets apartment space. Angry, downing whiskey with no chase. Holes in my jeans, stains on my sleeves, aim and release, begging for change, please! While my hands out, proud not, jail rot, pail tops while the dogs just chase their tails in the same spot. Dead locked on New graveyard space because that’s where I’m headed soon. The very moment I breach my mother’s womb I was doomed and nothing but facts. So stop telling me these double barrel lies so you can feel better. Please open your eyes because what you’re doing to me is not a surprise AMERICA….. The white and the blue come first. The red is lost with all fifty stars. POE FOLK!

Blood Over The Stolen Hill

I believe I
was a…
Apache in
a former
my tomahawk…
With stones…
Draped my
Over war
Dipped in
the blood
from my
I was chief
A running gun
Five star
That was
The aroma
of menthol…
Giving out
Raising thee
tribe in
Native pride…
died on
hill yet…
them in
our prayers…
pushed back
our intruders
infantry block…
down the
lives thee
Pale white
Dirty skin,
Filty men…
to take our
Kill and
Rape our
And children
to satisfy
There own
Evil greedy
I screamed…
This tribal
This Soil
And moss
And animals
I will protect
With in it
In peace…
If it’s
Blood you
It will
Be your
You will
We did battle…
They will
Have no
For our
My men
will be
Till the
death of
Me… I’ll
war like
Lost… to
Be slaughtered
In hatred…
Still I strive
To leave in
Peaces of
Never forgotten
Of the Apache…








Tears of joy…
To know that
mother’s second
born. Made it
another day
In the city of
Fire that
Had surrounded.

The smell of eggs,
toast and Turkey bacon
frying. Trying to
overcome the
loud music booming.
Out the cars…
As they pass by
the filled up apartments.

Nostalgic peaked in
hearing van doors slide
back. Opening fast back broken glass apps. The shell casings
Tapping the concrete.

Listen as my heart
beats faster like, a crack fiend taking his first blast.
Them crack pipe in trash..

I’m alive another day!
To open my eyes.. l made it!
This city of… lmmortal mayhem throughout my Raybands…

I slide on my slide on’s
Like slippers…
Brush my teeth…
It’s cold outside,
so much heat.

I open the front door.
Walk to the corner
store. Get my
morning brew plus
Cheap whiskey like
Drinking out of a
Boot. Dirty…..

I’m a word called bewildered..
By the slow police car
creeping past me trying
To make me a victims.
Drivers stone gaze
eyes watching me.

My every move!
I bop down the
dried bloody graffiti
on the side walk.

It made me think of..
The wild gun fight tragedy
That took place last
Last week. Claiming
yet another casualty..
These streets hold no

By the way… his
casket was closed
his family.. close associates.. weeping! Crows above
I walked away from
The dark pit.

Down the block past
Traveling past the
drug spot.

The blind
open air sales and
Customers… Come
On down!
Made sweat cascades
down my cheek.
I don’t want to
catch a cold from a
“AK 47”
botched robberys
takes place in front
of me. I ain’t seen shit!

I said Wazup! up!
To the guys and ladies.
Everybody I dapped up.

Never knowing… Greedy
politicians… Police
brutality is a trending
topic… I hear the old
Heads on the block…
Constantly gossiping…

The lead in our drinking
water… The schools
where our sons and
daughters go…

They aren’t giving
Good supporting jobs..
One with decent wages
So how do we survive?

Teenage pregnancy weekly..
Welfare… food stamps
used frequently..
As the day comes to a
end… As well…
I leave my home boy’s
In the alley with a
half a pint of Jack…

I’m taking my ass
Home! I say my peace, dueces and goodbyes. I know
seven out of ten of them
Might not make it past
10 o’clock. I went up the
Stairs to the house.

Took my keys out..
Opened up the front door.
No ones home.
The door locks broken nothing
Stolen.. maybe they broken
Into the wrong house..

Tired I laying on the floor,
I didn’t even get
I’m good.

I know that whoever will be.
God is good. The
Lives of other are.
So misunderstood.. Crime in order to survive. I blink my eyes then go I’m asleep drooling!