I’m From L.N.G. Part 2

Baltimore City is running out of yellow police tape and chalk making grow men run jumping gates.


If you do…. that’s your ass in a sandwich bag. Toes neatly tagged up by white cold rose men.


True blue and red, blue and red riding through the hood up beside you. Hungry and blood Thirsty nomes with helpers surrounding you. Taking whatever is reliable. Please… They don’t ask for license and registration. Never run off because they don’t do no chasing.


Explaining the other side of what you never see on t.v. Is hard for America to understand. A nine year old boy broke into a house. Stole a gun… Shooting every thing up. The poison they’re feeding yall. They’re feeding us…


Anybody on the street asks you a question or has a Hoody on over their heads. Don’t say anything back if they speak. This is my only warning. Mind your own… Keep on going!


Wet razor blades with crack  cocaine  residues. Chopping away at the eight ball on the glass table. All around…. Gunz are loaded. No Jehovah’s witnesses ever knock on these doors at ten in the morning or closest of closest kin will be morning.


Give me some air! All in a plastic bucket. So I can divide it amongst my brothers in company…

Only me…

Only us…


Them Power Pellets

M. D. M. A.                                                      I need you to take my mind away. I want you to put my mood in a better place. When you don’t hug me with warm and tingles.

I want to kill myself along with the long conversations I had with me. Stay with me Ecstasy! Live in my system forever.

Make endless love in me last. I’ll drink plenty of water. Liquids containing vitimin C.

All to enhance the quality time between you and me. I took you in like my medicine. Leaving me in the room by myself with glasses on at night vibes amazing listening to loud music.

Playing the same song on repeat repetitively. Feeling a inner love like yours is a powerful force field around my anti social. Bunny rabbits like thumper talking softly to a young fawn like Bambi.

That was just those strippers Mandy and sandy. I don’t fucking remember. The broad with the dorsal fin hair style with pink braid extentions.

Trying to get a hold of my lucky charms of all colors and different shapes. If or when you find her. She will be your best date.

Till your decease day. Dating the hating demons dancing around the dark shadows of your room. Do you see them?

Do you!

Way Way Way Out There

Don’t blow my high…                                   “I’m in the zone babeeeeee!”                      Something my older like wise said.         Eyes red…                                                       Glossy like pearl essence.                           Barely even looking at me.                         To get up off the couch.                               He looked like…                                             Well…

Like he needed some help.                         Nah…                                                               Not likely…                                                     He got up off the potato in one sneeze.    I should have known.                                 He’s a soldier just like me.                          He was just high as high can be.              We…..

Don’t blow my high babeeeeee!

Taking A Smooth Walk Through Insanity Park

My city is wild. If your attemting suicide just go stand outside.

I swear that there should be a law against who should have kids. When I stepped in her house she was smoking weed in front of them.

These kids will grow into teenagers. Very curious in thought. You… As a mother telling your sons and daughters not to do drugs and then go to school and get caught.

He Ran up to the window of the car. With his hoodie on… Stuck the gun inside the window. Flashing on his own kinfolk.

School after school after school… The are shutting down. Making Google there only teaching tool.

We go to jail just to have a guarantied place to eat and sleep. Honestly to me personally. Prison is safer than being on the streets.

He said… “I’m going to kill you if you ever cheat on me!”

She said… “I’m going to kill you if you ever cheat on me!”

The truth is that both of them are cheating on each other. Days later…. One of them kills the other.

You can get guns and drugs here quicker than you can get a job.

Home invasions with no patience . They left the family dead of who they robbed.

He sat there on the edge of his sofa. Spinning the cylinder of his revolver. Telling the Lord that he’s sorry. The next day… Shot and killed by police. Caught on a robbing spree. Now the end… All of this was for rent and food for his kids to eat. There are way more chapter’s to these story’s. Chapters that will make you think real deep.


There Was Party For Me But I Wasn’t Invited

The air outside is heavy.

I’m weighed down with guilt.

Your prejudice target.

I have to dress casual for court tomorrow.

I lost a bet to my ex and now I love alone.

Propriety damage on the housing of my brain.

There is no point in me living without uncontrolled substances.

A steroid to enjoy running after adrenalin.


The fumes of whats being cooked in the kitchen makes me horny.

There are way to many fatherless children.

I need this pen to win first place.

This morning I filled my tea cup up with emotions and dropped it.

Its broken now, how familiar.

A rebel that escaped the devil. I went though the wind shield crashing into my reality challenging the pain of blocking fresh cut fate tempting to taste all the spoils of war. My life I don’t adore when attempting suicide is such a bore defending my stand point is now my only chore. So I will love on only to indour…. More pain!

Crown Me or Drown Me

I gave it all away! All of it! Money, drugs, drinking, target practice and war tactics yet I still have the worst of the worst dreams. I’ve completly done the 360 like you’ve asked me to do. why do I feel like I’m on life support? A half dead vegetable. I still remain with the remains of old war trophies with no real gains. My body will never be the same from all the wounds and the severed nerve pains.

What was this change all for? I feel like I’m on acid trying to open my door. Struggling…. Only to realize the whole time I was on the floor. I’ve done it all exept reach this thing called happiness. Instead there was just more anxiety, disappointments and criticism of how I was used to living. Ive changed just to drown in the waters of the deep. Only to see there was no crown waiting for me. They say… Still I have to believe…

Magic Tricks and Politics


No… I’m not here anymore. I can’t stop tears anymore. I’ve cliff dived with no bungie cord into the darkness because this life I couldn’t afford.


I remember playing in the living room as a child when police kicked in the door. Later bringing pain to my name like a severed spinal cord. Traumatic incidence in my life became so easy to ignore.


80s baby… I grew up when the heroin prices were cheap and the murder rate was higher than a mountain peak. You can tell by the outside weed smell that I’m trapped and it so real. I was a teenager when a .380 bullet grazed my index finger with steal.


No one is there for you… The streets became the only option to eat. Your 4th love cheated death in the passenger cars seat. Whisky on my breath and white girl in my system. There was a mean shoot out on the block that night and the next day some of the guys came up missing.


My mind is now warped from years of war and seeing body’s drop before me. Blood stains remain on my boots reminding me of my old troops that I ran with. What do you do when all your used to is pain, trechery and suffering? What do you do when your defense is the only thing your left with? What the fuck do you do when your constantly faced with life or death situations?


Just Let Me Sleep In Peace

Let me overdose…

There is no better

Feeling to me than

Being closer to death.

I tried reaching for the

Sky and my hands

Shattered in to a

Million syringes filled

With the best option.

Toxic… I know but I love

The feeling. No one

Can hold me better than

You blanketing my pain

With your warm plush sweat

Itchy chain smoking love.

When the people that I

Trusted the most left me

For dead and I know you

Can make me ill

Sometimes I still chase

The first rush you’ve given

Me. Sometimes I need

You so bad. You are

Quickly becoming bad for

My heath and wellbeing.

So if you see my eyes rolling

And my body cold with

A blue color on my lips.

Just leave me for the coroners

And that icy slab of steal.

Draining my body’s liquids

Then donating my internal

Organs. Then now I can

Finally get some eternal sleep

Finally realizing life’s inhumane

Shackles from the oppressed

Background that I was very

Used to. Now I can truly

Have peace. Just Let me


Please Don’t Patronize Me

The battlefield…

Lives that faded…


Lack of patients…

Pants pockets in and out while rough hands go in them…

No planning…

Running up the hill of despair …

Silver dog tags with all my enemy’s names in them…

Brain washing home invasions that put us back on slave ships…


Why bother…

Smother me with your Rico act…

Somebody knocked on the door and grandma let the shot gun go like a child being left behind…

The youth are the truth…

The elders are a lie…

Target the rich for better kicks…

Imprisonment sank the battleship…

Bullets in your chest sprayed with insect repellent…

Settling for less is not an option…

Outcomes the ski masks And glocksmen…

In January it’s hot man…

All I see is good man…

Boots that left there tread on weak doors left hinges falling like Christmas snow…

While George Bush’s nostrals inhale his Christmas blow…

Fuck it!

Fuck communism!

Fuck poor and richer!

Fuck the justice system!

Fuck social security!

Fuck welfare and poverty!

Fuck the judge that sentence me!

Fuck the bullets that burned through my flesh!

Fuck Frank and Fuck the Dias brothers!

Fuck the bitch ass men that leave there ladys a single parent!

Fuck the women who have a good man but belittles him to a turnip!

Fuck it all… The battlefield…

She Chose The Club Life

Cold as the middle of January I watched you every weekend paint your toe nails in the mirror. You would fix your hair and put on your tightest dress to club hop and seduce the living breathing night. No matter the weather you and your pears were gone with It till the early morning. The same routine every weekend. You see it as fun, I see it as an addiction. You say its to have a good time, I say you want attention. When I call you never answer. I’m just trying to make sure you’re alright and you didn’t come up missing. What if the shoe was on the receiving end of all the tension? Your home girls ain’t no good. They want to destroy what you got because their lives have no handle bars. Let me shut up… No! I refuse! You had a man home that love you and now he feels abused mentally. Its 4 am and you just stumbled in intoxicated waking your kids up. Did you just throw up? Your eyes are like looking down an empty gun barrel. You were in your late 2o’s and your early 30s still abusing ecstasy. Then you come in the room all loud and get mad when I move when you try to get next to me. Breath smelling like bottom shelf liquor and cigarettes and she wondered why I didn’t kiss her. So later in life I dismissed her.