Birddy Canary

I feel like

Silence is

The answer

To a mathematical


The equation


To make

A novel


For the

Use to


Couldn’t see

What I mean

With a monical

You couldn’t

Feel my Words

With a key

To catch

Up with

the day


Out of


And thank


Your own


Or is it


For what’s

To come

A mediphor


Giving you

The truth

In the


Of what

Is why

I go by

And go


As a silencer

No fake


To pardon


From death

Till only

I am left

The Unsuccessful Ending Of What Wasn’t Written (100th

It was a hot summer day. I was sitting out front on the stoop of a vacant apartment on North and Mc Choullah when a masked gentleman approach me quickly coming out from around the corner.

I was cool… He pulled his heater out and it was already summer. In my mind I was thinking if it’s my time then it’s my time. The tall gentleman hesitated to pull the trigger. Well at first…

I told the gentleman that was holding the pistol by the corner of my right eye calmly to pull the fucking trigger. He was shaking and hesitated some more then I shouted out. Shoot me! What the fuck are you waiting for dummy!

He was surprised… I could tell by his movements and his pupils when I turned towards him. Looking him in the eyes that were glassy and red through his ninja type mask that you can by from any corner store in the city.

He look like he was high and needed some visine and a cheeseburger or some shit. Anyway! The guy with the gun to my head was rather in shock or he was a trigger virgin. Either way I kept my cool.

He was shaking hard to the point I could hear the guns inner parts raddling. Tink tink tink… Hahahaha… The guy was frozen and didn’t say a word. He then closed his eyes for a second. Opened his eyes back up cocking his steal.

When he cock the rusty gun back I could hear exactly what happen from my own personal experiences. The gun jammed by two bullets going in the chamber of his cheap America made appliance. His gun was done unless he had a butter knife or something and sometime on his hands.

The gentleman was standing there feet to the right of me trying to fix his gun by simultaneously cocking the gun. Oh my god this dummy is trying to fix his gun in broad daylight in the middle of a already shitty execution attempt. I kind of felt bad for this kid.

True story! I couldn’t hold it and laught at him with a group of light chuckles spilling from myself. Oh this guy was panicking…. He then yelled out loud… Fuckk! He could finish what he started or fix the problem he had. Then he turned around and run across the street through the cut to the alleyway. I said to myself…. What the fuck…. Did anybody see this hilarious show.

I continued to open my bad of corn chips and chomp away…

The moral of this is… If it was meant to be that my brains would have been on the vaccents brick wall. There is no way you can change what is written for you….