Oh No’s

I can honestly say that.
I’m seriously indecisive.

when I fully commit to
something or someone.
it can become a crisis.
The hardest critic is myself.
Yes it’s true.

Various mental issues
that plague my view.
Getting Tangled in past unpaid

I’m realising that the same
People who try instilling positivity.
Are Condoning these new ways.
To be offended By people. Who don’t understand there offending you.

Fuck! I’m tired!
Fuck you and ya mama!
I can’t stand humans and there
phony mottos to live by but won’t
Die by what there trying to
Live for.

Falsified explanations.. excuses why not to do this Or say that.
Why not to believe in this or that.
The blind lead the blind mah’ fucka!
Don’t you believe in that.

Just because it sounds like it’s true don’t mean that it’s right.
Like being in a relationship and your partner believes. Every
Thing they single friend says is right.

Bitch Wrong!
I’m so far beyond your
comprehension that.
I already know the shit y’all be on.
Next time I take advice. It will be
from the earth, not a pilgrim.

What lives matter?
Shut the fuck up!
Those white folk had
Me facing 40yrs plus! for defending

Shut up!
Let me finish!
I say this right here!
I “Mr Thomas” solidly, solemnly swear I will never write about
Love and old love affairs.
Till the earth burns on its axis and explodes. from
Global warming ignored.

Atlest I know I wont be the only
Person to burn in a hell. Ain’t no
Self-defense laws for negros.
For the record………
Fuck you all I’m already dead!
Fuck the love you know
If it’s true love you never had.

Life….. Or…… Death…..

Certified Dumb Ass Approved👍😵💥🔫

Tracks and treadmill running for fitness to fit in…

You don’t want me… So why would you even get my attention…

Attracted to everything I’ve always never wanted…

Stuck on a one way flight to lay over in Hoboken…

Stuck in a elm street nightmare for the lady I’ve chosen…

What is this…

We haven’t spoken in a week…

How can you say you love me…

Remembering that you said it first…

Like the dumbass I am…

I choose what I knew would put a hurt on me. I use to think we had a mutual connection… Oh chris! How foolishly falling for the same tricks clean pair of new shoes. To fall in muddy water all over again…

If it was a sin to be as dumb as I am… I’d surly have a bed in hell right next to Hitler and his henchmen. Heil dumb ass! Then I boot step March goose stepping… Troubled already! Now loosing focus…

I need new glasses now! My visions of a us….

Are over!


I’ll make an exception to cry this one last time…

Then block your number….