Lemon Spines

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To the…

Nappy corn

Tribal mischief
Torn garment

By black beauty
center fold
Of all earth’s


A planet
to my….


to be forgotten
Trending center…


Center fold
Trending center…


Is for the love
Of sweat topics…

You write with…

Tongue a tropical

to rain drops…

On our thrones…

As it was



Hello black

Black like the…

Power in
One right side
Fist to….

A strike…

Up a fight…

Solution was


Put you in your

you on point…

To wicked ways…

Black is beautiful….

I say black…

It Is beautiful in

lips shade for
shadowing me…

Like the trees
swaying in the breeze…

Cameroon soil…



South Africa
Before the British
Took it….


I got to have
that center to
fold you…

To ease
my social

The only
Race of a people
Who don’t look
Down on me….

Aren’t Frightened
by me…

We can only
Truly know our
Own struggle…

Sun rises
on dark skin…

A melonated

Light skin….

I can’t…

Fight skin…

Is a…

delight skin…

Smells like..



Damn it’s
So repetitive…

Never to be
forgotten by I…

Like the
Lost tribes of

Come over

me some of
the sweet sweet…


Chocolate Sunday
on a Saturday…

leaving Monday
a day for fun day…

making it feel like a

Touch my

I’ll take
the trash out like

Not a hopeless

Bandit thoroughly…

Needing my
black bambee



eye to
eye is a kiss full..

Hugs so tight I can
feel your….


my black…


Black Queens……..

Deadly Melodic

Just one

serving of


I’m the dish

Flavored till complete.

Glass lips break, into

Cotton candy.


Lipstick those

falling shards onto

my cheek bone.

Formed A

Cutting-edge kiss.

You almost fell…

like some priceless

China plate before

I caught You.

No matter what

The risk.

I’d never

Let you ever.

A finished cuisine,

Ever hit The floor till.


There is no Remake

As remarkable.

Your Ivory


So neatly


Looks like a

Hieroglyphs in



My micro endorphins

Open up like.

The sun…

Peaking through the.

After storm clouds.

This was no dream,

That your features

Were close up.


At the flawless


I’m under

The spell of your eyes.

Oh Lord!

You put a

Spell on me!

You speak Like its

written in old English


Like re-watching

You in a short black and White documentary.

I comatosed into


In front of a


In What seemed to be

An elevator….

A star, bound

To the ocean.

Into the third eye,

Left wet finger

Prints on me.

I was browsing entirely,

I became quiet.

I wish I was that


A phenomenon

Of beauty.

to fucking


I can’t fucking forget it!

A Young Cubs Transformation Into A Feared Lion

A STRONG MANS FATE. He took a blood oath by chasing a ghost that was never there.

HE BECAME SUPERIOR QUICKLY. Casting spells out turning his foes into smoke and receiving a black cross tattooed in the middle of his forehead.

HE NEVER RAN AWAY FROM A FIGHT. Brawling with the strength and stamina of Zeus. Ripping trees from there roots. Punching through concrete burriers that surrounds him with heat.

IS HE A MAN OR A MONSTER? He can’t tell no more. His body’s always sore. He got tired of being poor and his silence spoke louder than yours. So listen to a cold hearted lion as he roars.

HIS MEMORIES OF THE PAST. Where the torture and blood shed reside. He was a weak individual who was picked on by his family of criminals. Till one day he stood up and flashed lightning till the men tured to minerals.

PLEASE DONT JUDGE A SWORD BY ITS WEIGHT. He stood on the hill in freezing temperatures grinding with Bill the beastly one. Till will the creepy one pulled heat out to steal from bill but Bill drew first putting a whole in will for trying to pull out on him.



To Succeed At Light Speed

On top of a cold mountain peak is where you’ll find me. The freezing temperatures are like a father. My insulated winter coat hugs me like a mother. Three months it took for me to see. The very top of the mountain peak. I’ve always went where no man would dare go. Even if it meant walking through six feet of thick white snow. Their were no seven dwarfs at the top. Just a flag from someone else marking the rarely seen spot. I’ve made it through so many avalanches. At least up here I don’t have to pay taxes. I went straight to the top like your favorite hit songs. Doing what I had to in order to survive the blizzards and snow storms. I’ve seriously came far enough in my life. To me this is only half way. I’ll keep walking as far as the skylines the very next day.

I know I’m only human but nothing will ever stop me!

I’ve Moved On But Don’t Forget That I Can Still Do You Wrong

I ain’t shit!                                                          I cannot change my past. Never changing like the number 8. Know matter how much you shape it. Rewinding the cassette tape till it breaks.

I’m still paranoid!                                             Still looking through the blinds in the house till they get stuck in the same position like that. Still chocking the air out of old memories till his Adams apple cracks.

There are still peaces of me that want to make my enemy’s bleed. Fragments of the fragment of your imagination that you picked up and thought I was of a weak breed.



Don’t make me pull this knife out of my sleeve or just break your jaw leaving the pieces flying like hurricane debris. Sometimes I still feel like I’m a young buck again and I can take over corners like back in the early 2000. All the money in my pocket is dead like the mens faces on them.

I might have changed realizing I must over come my past life by every inch of gains. When I think of all the lives lost and close friends and associates that all have life sentences. I think to myself knowing God put me here for a valuable reason. I never will go get the past or even those promises made. I going to continue to walk forward leaving my old days and bad days like I graduated to the next grade.

Them Power Pellets

M. D. M. A.                                                      I need you to take my mind away. I want you to put my mood in a better place. When you don’t hug me with warm and tingles.

I want to kill myself along with the long conversations I had with me. Stay with me Ecstasy! Live in my system forever.

Make endless love in me last. I’ll drink plenty of water. Liquids containing vitimin C.

All to enhance the quality time between you and me. I took you in like my medicine. Leaving me in the room by myself with glasses on at night vibes amazing listening to loud music.

Playing the same song on repeat repetitively. Feeling a inner love like yours is a powerful force field around my anti social. Bunny rabbits like thumper talking softly to a young fawn like Bambi.

That was just those strippers Mandy and sandy. I don’t fucking remember. The broad with the dorsal fin hair style with pink braid extentions.

Trying to get a hold of my lucky charms of all colors and different shapes. If or when you find her. She will be your best date.

Till your decease day. Dating the hating demons dancing around the dark shadows of your room. Do you see them?

Do you!

Can A Human Stop The Rain

Yourhe rainbow that comes out after the rain goes.

Beauty the butterfly… Colors so rare looking into your eyes.

Your just my type of sweet soft delight.

Your every words are articulate.

You form verbs with Your lips curves into art spitting out pastel sentences.

Very bright like my first trip on shrooms vivid sunny delight.

Stay and keep my body warm like I’m excersising , bench pressing your thighs sounds so apitizing.

Till I’m full…

I want to touch you softly like a harp.

Finger tips swiftly plucking the strings arousing moist parts.

Your golden solid..

Your value is priceless…

You are the very reason I make examples like this.

When you kissed…

I sucked on your bottom lip like a ring pop.

It tastes like cotton candy grow strait from heavens tree tops.

Kissing you to get to the center fruits juice.

We Then tie our bodies together like they made a truce.

All in between…

All this for me…

Don’t Miss This 2 For 1 Sale Of A Bipolar Male

Make your move!

Shorty this ain’t checkers or chess come here and tell me how you really feel. I don’t play games… So stop acting like a Xbox one before I use your controller. Pull over for a second and stop texting. Let me bless your ears with this round the way love lecture….

Do you want me or not? Life’s to short to miss this great oppertunity with me. Ohhh you laughing but I don’t see nothing funny honey. See I’m a rare breed with needs that need to be filled like a prescription with the discription of a long term engagement and I’m giving you the opportunity to take it, but be patient…

Good men can come to those who wait for it. When you get it be grateful. Cherish every moment like a deep cut healing with staples. If you let go of it then it will run away from you. Do you want a man like me baby or so you want to keep building sand castles that fell apart so easily…

Don’t get deceived again by these other men you know I’m better than so give me credit when talking to a love veteran. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not being cocky. I’m just trying to feed you this love and passion. I know you like the finer things and I always seem to catch your hazel colored eyes starring my way…..


This piece here is dedicated to my fist love Tanya from Edmondson avenue… Rest in peace my love……

I’m Giving My Thanks and Appreciation

You know… I can’t keep posting anything at all with out giving my deepest gratitude to the ones who’ve supported me and kept pushing me to keep on and don’t give up and also gave me encouraging words of wisdom or just a random conversation. I love those! Friends I’ve made over the 7 months of being on wordpress. Priceless!
I just want to say that I’m not the giving speeches type of brotha. I’m a strong believer of actions speeking louder than words, but in this case my actions are moving my pen to write and to type away on my cell phone to show you all how much I care about you all who’ve supported me from the beginning and currently as I speak. Even if you just supported by following my blog.
I’m ever so grateful for you all. Thank you for excepting me as apart of your WordPress family. I’m like the quiet but tough uncle that only comes around to protect, of my wordpress family. Im just going to say this and then I’m going to shut the hell up.
I was going through a bad time in my life. I still am but just not as bad. It is what it is though, but writing has been my therapy and the love of my life lately. Being the type of man that I am and how I was raised and the things I seen is a reflection of my post. I can’t only write about me and my experiences. Nothing fictional at all just the reality that I’m accustomed to. I don’t plan on changing it at all…
Soon I would like to write a couple books and maybe an autobiography. Woooh! My autobiography would be probably a best seller and a movie I’m trying to tell ya! Before I go into silence I want to give some shout outs to the ones I admire, respect and honor. The ones who keep me moving through a act of kindness that I ain’t even used to.
This is a special thanks and much much love to role call.
1.https://megaworthit.com aka miss Renkyoko’s space… Miss Ren is the very first person that followed my blog with both intelligent and extreme beauty she will light up Your day with Cool photos and her musings on various topics. Check here site out of you don’t already know!
2.https://meetmsmindful.wordpress.com Miss TrE aka the cornerd girl… Her poems, quotes and etc etc are powerful and has a hard hitting genuiness to it. Check her out if you don’t already know!
3. THE INFAMOUS QUEEN LADY TRUTH! How’s site will remain anonymous upon request. She is the 3rd person to follow my blog. My good friend is a machine gun with consistent way of writing and posting quikly. Everything this women writes you will feel it’s presence. Real talk!
4.https://privatethoughtsmadepublic.wordpress.com the 4th person to follow my blog. My cool and personal friend Angel! If your looking for amazing books to read this world famous author got that fire. No lie! Her poems are out of this world and will take you to a different dimension in your mind. Check her stuff out of you don’t already know!
5.https://simpledimplesite.wordpress.com A influential being of life this woman is. I call her my coach. She was there to listen When I needed someone and she told me to never give up and keep writing. She is so motivational and has some beautiful pics of her surroundings. As well as real poetry and great quotes. Check her out if you don’t already know!
6.https://emotionsoflife2016.wordpress.com A real personal fav… What can I say about this man that hasn’t already been said. (LEGENDARY) I have the utmost respect for this him and everything he writes is a masterpiece. He’ll ya! Real deal holyfield. Check him out!
7.https://everwonderedwhy.wordpress.com Shailja….. So sweet and so kind hearted and a good friend of mine I must say. She… Like me is new to this blogger world. This young lady’s quotes, poems and priceless breath taking paintings are a true reflection of how she feels. Check her out if you don’t already know!
8.https://mehumwrites.wordpress.com The Cool bipolar blogging aka Maham! Another Cool and sweet personal friend of mine((who needs to get her butt on wordpress and start writing some more words)) her poems can literally live in your mind for days! Check her out if you don’t already know!
9.https://stellarcosby.wordpress.com Although she may not be a persnal freind. I just got to give this women her props… No bullshit! I think I may have read all of her words on her page. Her words are a walking, breathing, heart beating dose of reality through her prospective. Check her out if you don’t already know!
10.https://tenacitytgoddess.com Let me say this…. My good friend Lisa is a stone cold…. Kick you in the chest… No holds barred while riding on a freaking roller coaster of keeping it real! Now… This beautiful young lady who’s probably going to beat me up for this but it is what it is. This woman is a exceptional friend of mine that I came across about maybe a month ago. I love how funny and to the point she is. To bad she’s taken… Hahaha! Check out her blog if you don’t already know!
11.https://diaryofasoulwriter.wordpress.com Hailie… Now I don’t normally shout out people who ain’t following my blog but for this lady I can make an exception. 100%! This woman is a rare gem found in a place where you will never find it. Her words alone say it loud enough with a soft tone. My sweet personal friend Hailie. Check her out if you don’t already know!
12.https://cristalclearblog.wordpress.com Cristal is a new friend of mine that I want to do more writing and expressing and telling her story. She’s over came a lot of life’s many obstacles and she is still succeeding. The gorgeous Cristal! Check her out if you don’t already know!
Now I just want to clear something up for everybody.. These people are the ones who’ve stayed in touch with me and are my persnol favs but everyone is equal and unique. No one is above anybody. Before I tap things up I want to do another roll call for the greatest of the greatest. More of my favs…
1. A.R.Minhas
3.living in secretblog
8.Meenakshi Sethi
11.devereaux frazier
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15.Minal Dalal Co-Creator
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44.jash palande
48.Joel F
52.Prakhar Bansal
53.Advo. R.R. ‘SAGAR’
55.Jay Colby
Now again… These are not categorized as the best to the worst. These are a list of people that like and may coment on my blog…