Deadly Melodic

Just one

serving of


I’m the dish

Flavored till complete.

Glass lips break, into

Cotton candy.


Lipstick those

falling shards onto

my cheek bone.

Formed A

Cutting-edge kiss.

You almost fell…

like some priceless

China plate before

I caught You.

No matter what

The risk.

I’d never

Let you ever.

A finished cuisine,

Ever hit The floor till.


There is no Remake

As remarkable.

Your Ivory


So neatly


Looks like a

Hieroglyphs in



My micro endorphins

Open up like.

The sun…

Peaking through the.

After storm clouds.

This was no dream,

That your features

Were close up.


At the flawless


I’m under

The spell of your eyes.

Oh Lord!

You put a

Spell on me!

You speak Like its

written in old English


Like re-watching

You in a short black and White documentary.

I comatosed into


In front of a


In What seemed to be

An elevator….

A star, bound

To the ocean.

Into the third eye,

Left wet finger

Prints on me.

I was browsing entirely,

I became quiet.

I wish I was that


A phenomenon

Of beauty.

to fucking


I can’t fucking forget it!

“Crimson Skins By Devika Mathur”

Crimson Skins


There comes a time in every persons life.Where we all have to make wise decisions. One false decision can alter the course of your life. Sometimes for the worst!


I made one great decision…..

A wonderful decision….

A wise decision….

I bought me a copy of

        “Crimson Skins Poetry & Prose!”

A book by the artist, writer and poet!

                “Devika Mathur”



When the book arrived. First I tore open the cardboard it was in. To my surprise! This book was so soft like her wordplay it felt like velvet. I couldn’t stop rubbing my hand and face up against the book cover. Like I was on some type of psychedelic trip. This book should have been called the Velvet skins.                    

Seriously though…

“If you don’t know her then you better get familiar….”

Her words are so humbling and soft. It’s almost like she’s whispering in your ear.

Her mind is intricately interesting, yet mysterious and challenging.. True art takes time to visualize the meaning. That’s why people stand in front of painting etc, at art Studios forever.

Now there are many talented artist on here. Me personally I have my top 5 poets. Not like the typical cliche poets. They know who they exactly who they are. Keep writing no matter what.

Look people….

Imma keep it all they way real….

We must support our artist!

We absolutely must!

Everyday, month and year.

You sit there and read..

Type your sincerest complements…

Interacting day to day…

With your favorite artist….

If you can do that. Mean every damn word you say. Even give your high praises. To your favorite true artist!

It shouldn’t be a problem for you purchasing there material.

Don’t build people up to let them down!

Make there hard work apart of your collection at home.
Give. Give your favorite artist hope! Give them a reason to know there appreciated. That’s love…..

Peace and blessings to all!

                       Thank you Devika!

For dropping diamonds and peace and blessings to all!




“Layers till you get to the good part…”



Mr shoot em up…

Mr Minor cuts…

Mr I don’t give a fuck…


Never the less…

He’s back for a sec…

Know fights or knockles cracked…


I’m just trying to get…

All the years I lost back…

Black on black boxed animal’s…


like danimals…

This cookie never crumbles…

When milk is chasing…


This one multiple…

Is a numb skulls teacher…

Can I reach ya…


From my lifes bleachers…

Faculty looking at my…

Factual, facial features…


“He’s no teacher!”

“he’s never been to collage!”

“He’s not a road scholar!”


I’m a boat flying…

I’m in the sky climbing…

Perfect timing…


On the grind now…

Realizing now…

That I will kill the stitistics…


Move forward…

Snatching power out of knowledge…

To power the minds of…


people in my dirty shoes…

I’m just like you…

let’s make major moves…