Begging For Heaven

I want to know, how do you feel?

How was your day?

Do you feel alone and sad at night?

Are you happy?

Are you crying?

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite food?

Do you like to be held or hugged?

Are you the type to kiss and tell?

Do you believe in love or not?

Do you have a hot spot?

How is your family?

Do you have a family?

What is your favorite season?

I want to know everything about you. If there is something you want to keep to yourself then I’ll respect your silence. I want to walk through your trail that never ends. I don’t play games or leave tear stains for you to blame me for. I want to stay everyday so we can move on. I want to make you earthquake from my every thin touch. If you love me like I adore you and love you then let’s make it official. Putting the stamp on our love sending it. To the hand of a priest ready to release the powers invested in From speech. Can I be yours till we cross heavens doors. Sincerely your smiling clouds above. Kiss me twice so I know it’s real. Kiss me like the first time you could remember how it felt to truly be loved again. Kiss me love and let’s join hands and hearts I solidarity thoughts. Turning cement into concrete solid evidence of love and heavens existence. Forever!

Can A Human Stop The Rain

Yourhe rainbow that comes out after the rain goes.

Beauty the butterfly… Colors so rare looking into your eyes.

Your just my type of sweet soft delight.

Your every words are articulate.

You form verbs with Your lips curves into art spitting out pastel sentences.

Very bright like my first trip on shrooms vivid sunny delight.

Stay and keep my body warm like I’m excersising , bench pressing your thighs sounds so apitizing.

Till I’m full…

I want to touch you softly like a harp.

Finger tips swiftly plucking the strings arousing moist parts.

Your golden solid..

Your value is priceless…

You are the very reason I make examples like this.

When you kissed…

I sucked on your bottom lip like a ring pop.

It tastes like cotton candy grow strait from heavens tree tops.

Kissing you to get to the center fruits juice.

We Then tie our bodies together like they made a truce.

All in between…

All this for me…

Why All The Negitivity Chris?

There no puppys and kittens and sunny days in the view of the lineing of my scopes target.

Friends become enemies… Enemies become disloyal… Disloyalty becomes death…

Nah not that pretty TV show death of a cherished character. The ugly kind of death.

The victim or whatever doesn’t come back to the set for a take two. Such a headache…

I’m not at all traumatized I’m more or less modernized because this TV show is often familiar to my peripherals.

Giving my true visions of life a bad rerun. For me to run…. Nah! Never! I’ll die where I stand.

I’ll live like a renegade than to live under paid. Yelled at by a boss that doesn’t even know your name or where your from or what it took for you to get there.

Two middle fingers painted gold raised up like Cee Low Green telling you that I could give a solid gold fuck about what or how you think of me.

Or what you suggest I do or how I should be… When a close friend of yours gets murdered beside you in your passenger seat by loud gun fire and you watch as he takes his last breath.

Give me a call!

Maybe then you will understand why my heart is so fucking far!

This piece is dedicated to Mannie Moons, lor ham, lor monkey, John john, black E, lor Aaron, grace, Man, Pusha, big toot, lor B, Noodles, Nolan No go, lor lee, lor X, Slink, Dot, Dirty A, midway pookie, lor Jerry, lor Ryan,  Kave man,  Jabbie, Red Dogg, hershey, lor Cey Cey, Darrell, lor dell, Wayne, Murda, B.L. , Emanuel, fish……. R.I.P to you all I’ll see you when I get there and if I didn’t mention your name in sorry it’s just to Damn many lives lost.

32. Caliber

I was like a big brother or even a cousin to you. I’m sad and angry with rage because you didn’t do what I told you to.

The nickel plated super soaker probably touched many palms. You use to be a guy that was cool and calm.

That day that I leaned on you for making bad decisions. I was the only one that cared and I didn’t want to see you in prison.

You turned into a coal mine that winter. Dark and really cold. Lead paint poison was in you system and made you go around the streets settling beef by life’s divorce.

Mad you were… I know… I raised my voice lecturing you and I told you to go. Do you want to know what hurt the most? That I was not there with you poping out with toast.

These word are dedicated to my little cousin Paris aka lor sin. May your soul rest in peace my homie…

I Didn’t Even Get A Tombstone

Nightmare on elm street. Someone or something ominous possess my dreams night and day. The suspect is a omen of evil that circles my mental physique like a burning hula hoop melting my consciousness disconnecting me from all that is good. I can’t fight it so I invite it to crawl out of the mirror and keep me company satisfing my loneliness and emptiness. It’s very presence makes me stronger and stronger. Immune to all forms of positivity. Grabbing me with its cold clutches as it digs into the back of my neck till it gets in my brain and takes over all of my humanly functions and emotions. I’m now distant and aggravated revolving in and out of two worlds. Is it heaven or hell? Then the vultures swooped down and ate at my dried up corps.

Come To Me

Scented candles burn while thirst for affection. The sun shines through my window on me while I’m pealing oranges. A white camellia blossoms showing me something divine. I wish cupid was a sharp shooter for my sake. Love to me is a precious rare gem found with in that your eyes can’t see. I just want something sweet in my life for once with out reaching into the highest tree.Heaven must be like this so I wrote you a love letter and placed it on your pillow.