Birddy Canary

I feel like

Silence is

The answer

To a mathematical


The equation


To make

A novel


For the

Use to


Couldn’t see

What I mean

With a monical

You couldn’t

Feel my Words

With a key

To catch

Up with

the day


Out of


And thank


Your own


Or is it


For what’s

To come

A mediphor


Giving you

The truth

In the


Of what

Is why

I go by

And go


As a silencer

No fake


To pardon


From death

Till only

I am left

For Normalization

Bear with me…

I was never good with
Words. That’s why I
Barely spoken.

I knew what i wanted
To say. Then when my mouth
Opened. The words
Came out persecuted by contradiction.

I just want to be…

I’m not… I never will
Understand my ways
Or how I feel. Split
Personality, so we
Just talk to each other.
I know if I talk to myself
No one would make fun
Of or judge him….


You see…

I know this makes no
Sense. I forget numbers,
Dates, small things.
I struggle….
Every address I lived
I can only remember one of the numbers.

Bear with me…

I know I don’t make sense…

So frustrated, embracing,
Alone, sad, madness. All the
Sorrows with titles. Quotes
Like Scripture from the bible.

King James…

I’d rather gaze into
80 percent of the

Maybe someone linked to a prophet…

Maybe a May bee sweating over honey.

I picked up a gun
Before a book. Didn’t
Learn to read till I was a

All praise due to
The Almighty. Blessing
Me with a paper and pen.
Yet they still don’t here me.
Like they never understood
me then…

They say I speak in
Riddles soo…

Riddle me this…

Decode my words!
Behold the thought!
When teeth don’t show!
That means my pen
Will be a tattoo needle for

My woes will be jotted!
You could snort them
In lines then!

Try to..

Bear with the two headed
Viper crying! Some
Thoughts crippled
Till my mind has delayed
Then deleted!

All I ask is for you to bear with me…

Believe it……..

This Fantasy

I don’t want to write no more about love. Yesterday I seen violence that gave me zero tolerance. Unnecessary bullets flying over 51 dollars!

The choices burn wholes through my for head! There will never be a ending to this type of blood shed! Streets, blocks and acid drops from pages.

Running deep like the calming soul of a monk. High in the temples of strategic non confrontational warfare symbols. I don’t want to write about love no more…

After what I have experienced this whole week! That misguided women thats sleeping with my close associate! I know her man personally… We use to be cell mates out Jessup… I can’t believe how low she went!

I’m the type that keeps my mouth shut regaurdless. A lot of shit started! Me… I ain’t for it! Drama… I don’t adore it! I just got to ignore it…

After lecturing her as well as my blind disrespectful associate… I reached back my hand to mount Olympus…  Almighty Zeus was in the kitchen eating steak and spinach…  I slapped the shit out the both of them!

Ain’t Know hope in them… She cheated On a good man… An Him… Knowing her man and not respecting him or his self! Him… Know longer a close assciate of mine! Disloyal to me… I just will not tell…

I don’t want to write about love no more… Karma is a problem! With no lacking mercy. She’ll make you swallow the gun powder. Yes! With a aim that Never misses. Every time you think she won’t she’ll leave you crippled or a early dismissal with smoke.

The butterfly effect kicks in… The youth are hungry… Robbing for fruits of your labor. Hung from trees! Where no fruits are bared… Only the leathal injection from a not well planned home invasion…

Mistakenly murdering….

Only God can judge them…

Not a judge that plays God man…

I don’t want to write about love no more… Him… A thug… Her a whore… It’s not rite! Sometimes your going to be a sterotype! For doing what you got to do to feed your family at night!

The offspring of thugs and whores breading other young thugs in whores. To grow up and repeat the cycles. No love felt from these kids from anyone. Only there rifles…

Eather you’re a robber, drug dealer, prostitute or murderer. Maybe even all of the above… I see the glove didn’t fit. The crime did though! Over and over and over and over again till I fell off balanced from spinning!

The youth… The men and women misguided by that fast way of living. Money on a fishing hook dangling from a wire. Never reaching it. Selling your soul to get rich… Setting true love on fire!

True love now or days for the New generation as well as the last. Love will never eggxist to them… Making the next generation wild……

I don’t ever want to write about love no more… It’s eggxistance here died along time ago…….

Its just a fantasys….