Birddy Canary

I feel like

Silence is

The answer

To a mathematical


The equation


To make

A novel


For the

Use to


Couldn’t see

What I mean

With a monical

You couldn’t

Feel my Words

With a key

To catch

Up with

the day


Out of


And thank


Your own


Or is it


For what’s

To come

A mediphor


Giving you

The truth

In the


Of what

Is why

I go by

And go


As a silencer

No fake


To pardon


From death

Till only

I am left

Distant Hearts

(Another oldie)


Love was never easy to keep for a guy like me.

I was always In the hood ready for war.

Outside with boots laced ten toes down.

Your lips whenever you would smile.

All I wanted to see.

Even If It was for one last time.

If I could see you face to face right now.

I would pull you so close to me!

Wrap my arms around your waist!

Pick you up in the sky!

Then kiss your soft moist lips.

Priceless were those times.

I spent with you.

Oh how brief they were yet unforgettable.

I knew you were the one for me!

I was also one with the streets.

I can remember when I went on that iron vacation up north.

It was cold…

I was lonely…

Yearning for your affection…

Your letters to me…

I would read over and over…

That was enough for me!

That was all I needed!

Thank you for caring!

Your last letter…

The lowest day of my life…

Dead I was Inside…

At the same time…

I was understanding to your needs.

Wants that I couldn’t give to you.

My circumstances…

I still remember your last words…

“I’m sorry.”

I was alone once again.

I didn’t cry though…

I promise you…

I just started reading more eating, gaining weight and exercising!

To get you out of my head…

Time passed…

I came home with nothing but a screaming hole in my heart…

I never saw or herd from you again…

Crumbling my young heart…


(A older post)




There all gone! I still remain! We were all soldiers at war… Until the end of days…

Our analogue views on life were the same…

For that!

I was happy to call yall my comrades! I miss you all! Often I’m musing about the little things that we were use to doing…

We had each others backs like car seats. Everyday I pour out liquor in yalls memory! On dark quiet nights…

I give out one twenty one gun salutes for my soldiers. To my fallen brothers and sisters! Your memories I will abuse!

I never got to say it…

I love you all!

All though you’re not with me…

Your strong spirits still remain!

I’ll pour out more liquor until I see you again….


Be Gone You Soul Killer

I remember now.

I rearranged my room.

I couldn’t resist seeing my bed empty.

I told you to leave and don’t look back.

I am a wreck.

I can still hear your voice.

A Friday night disagreement.

I finely chopped the chain to my future’s anchor.

I was depressed for some years.

Don’t you cry.

Never live under someone’s shoes to be broken.

You left that dark colored hoodie.

I want my life back.

Never ever let a black cat sleep in your mind.




This ain’t no spelling bee… Spelling my name out of your mouth won’t get you close to me. My history’s consistency started with small timing off of the Avenue.

A collage of car after car started to make me sea sick. Up on Blvd is where the broads never turned off tricks. Prices were negotiated from leaning on the cars window seal then she would hop in.

Quick trips to the liquor store hoping that they don’t close the door.



Now me and the guys got to pile up in the van on to the other side where the late bar would be still standing. Fast forward to a deadly shotting in front of the late liquor bars doors shutting the bar down for good.

There were more and more and more shoot outs later. Left 75% of my good nature gone up in the gun smoke of my patience. Sometimes I even ended up a hospital patient.

The girls around my way stay in drama. Plotting and scheming on the next man with big dollars. Can’t tell them nothing to save them. They just get angry, causing a scene saying things like “Don’t try to control me”!

Later on seeing her day after day getting lighter and dry coughing more. Now a fighter of H.I.V…. You know…. that house in Virginia. Just to fuck man after man because he has more bandz.

I just could never understand…

If the kids starved. They robbed and stole. As the gotten older they were stronger and boulder. Now all of them on the run from the F.B.I….

You shoot me I shoot you back! The whole neighborhood owned fire for their hands. You could never tell them that black on black crime is foolishness. They ain’t going to sit to death. They ain’t going to die no matter who it is!

Retaliation done took the lives of most groups this year. More R.I.P. tattoo’s this year.


Why All The Negitivity Chris?

There no puppys and kittens and sunny days in the view of the lineing of my scopes target.

Friends become enemies… Enemies become disloyal… Disloyalty becomes death…

Nah not that pretty TV show death of a cherished character. The ugly kind of death.

The victim or whatever doesn’t come back to the set for a take two. Such a headache…

I’m not at all traumatized I’m more or less modernized because this TV show is often familiar to my peripherals.

Giving my true visions of life a bad rerun. For me to run…. Nah! Never! I’ll die where I stand.

I’ll live like a renegade than to live under paid. Yelled at by a boss that doesn’t even know your name or where your from or what it took for you to get there.

Two middle fingers painted gold raised up like Cee Low Green telling you that I could give a solid gold fuck about what or how you think of me.

Or what you suggest I do or how I should be… When a close friend of yours gets murdered beside you in your passenger seat by loud gun fire and you watch as he takes his last breath.

Give me a call!

Maybe then you will understand why my heart is so fucking far!

This piece is dedicated to Mannie Moons, lor ham, lor monkey, John john, black E, lor Aaron, grace, Man, Pusha, big toot, lor B, Noodles, Nolan No go, lor lee, lor X, Slink, Dot, Dirty A, midway pookie, lor Jerry, lor Ryan,  Kave man,  Jabbie, Red Dogg, hershey, lor Cey Cey, Darrell, lor dell, Wayne, Murda, B.L. , Emanuel, fish……. R.I.P to you all I’ll see you when I get there and if I didn’t mention your name in sorry it’s just to Damn many lives lost.

Don’t Miss This 2 For 1 Sale Of A Bipolar Male

Make your move!

Shorty this ain’t checkers or chess come here and tell me how you really feel. I don’t play games… So stop acting like a Xbox one before I use your controller. Pull over for a second and stop texting. Let me bless your ears with this round the way love lecture….

Do you want me or not? Life’s to short to miss this great oppertunity with me. Ohhh you laughing but I don’t see nothing funny honey. See I’m a rare breed with needs that need to be filled like a prescription with the discription of a long term engagement and I’m giving you the opportunity to take it, but be patient…

Good men can come to those who wait for it. When you get it be grateful. Cherish every moment like a deep cut healing with staples. If you let go of it then it will run away from you. Do you want a man like me baby or so you want to keep building sand castles that fell apart so easily…

Don’t get deceived again by these other men you know I’m better than so give me credit when talking to a love veteran. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not being cocky. I’m just trying to feed you this love and passion. I know you like the finer things and I always seem to catch your hazel colored eyes starring my way…..


This piece here is dedicated to my fist love Tanya from Edmondson avenue… Rest in peace my love……

32. Caliber

I was like a big brother or even a cousin to you. I’m sad and angry with rage because you didn’t do what I told you to.

The nickel plated super soaker probably touched many palms. You use to be a guy that was cool and calm.

That day that I leaned on you for making bad decisions. I was the only one that cared and I didn’t want to see you in prison.

You turned into a coal mine that winter. Dark and really cold. Lead paint poison was in you system and made you go around the streets settling beef by life’s divorce.

Mad you were… I know… I raised my voice lecturing you and I told you to go. Do you want to know what hurt the most? That I was not there with you poping out with toast.

These word are dedicated to my little cousin Paris aka lor sin. May your soul rest in peace my homie…


Poverty…. Need I say more. Look at my hands. Tough and callused with tendons torn. Drug wars and strong arm robbery mixed together like by racial babies. Hand guns are aborted after a life has been taken, and the bullets cover your skin like scabies. When the night falls corrupt police lurk. Bloody tee shirts found in the gutter and dirty money made late night while death stays close like a baby’s mother. Shoot outs… Hand guns and assault rifles being reloaded and discharged… Bullets breaking into car windshields and grazing apartment burglar bars. Breath taking! Living life on a blade… Every next step in life leaves sharp lacerations my feet and hopes bittersweet like fresh squeezed lemonade and my only concern is being under paid.

No room for starving so I’m mobbing taking everything I can get my hands on, and Lord knows it’s wrong but my family’s going to eat or my mind will lose its last good conscience by defeat and my mind will be gone. No justice no peace our lives mean nothing… Expendable, worthless to the 100th degree. Drugs are in me… Everyday I’m losing a brother or mother to these heartless streets. Die I will… Stand I will… Kill at will… Self defense…. No finger prints… My life is dense… The hearts color now is as dark as the night gets with no street lights there… Listen……. And observe while I lay on the curb with my hands in cuffs with no key it’s rough, but for me it’s life do you are my strife and these words I might just burn tonight. Nobody never loved us… So how can I have any conference to love myself or others.

Put a gun to my forehead and pull the trigger.. But no matter how I lived when I die in there eyes I will always be a n#####…