Two Deadly Yet Equal A True Lovers Pastence

“A Throw Back From 2017″



The Real Bonnie and Clyde…

The untold story…

Me and her were two bullets in a chamber of a 9mm. Never jamming the gun. She sat on the bed yelling to the kids running late for school. “Lets make it!”making them move faster before they left out the house.

I was on the floor with my back to the bed right by her feet. Caramel skinned complexion toes I wanted to bite. I sat on the floor counting money and putting it in the laundry basket so I can get ready to leave. She knew I still had beef with the guys up the street. They all knew that this little lady was just as tough and as dangerous as me.

She sat on the bed humming the song she likes. Loading a machine bullet after bullet. Placing each one slowly in the clip with a Newport cigarette at the end of her lips dropping ashes on the tattoo on her hip. Burgundy bandana tied around her head and a burgundy bandana around the back of the barrel next to the trigger.

God! She was as thorough as they came. My true equal finally I’ve met my match. I got up and through my burgundy and black North face jacket on. Before leaving out of the spot she looked at me with her hazel eyes with a sad expression on her face and said. “Daddy be careful out there because you know it’s hot.”

I replied back saying. “Not as hot as you are lamb chop, please make sure you hold down the spot.” she said to me. “Just call me if something goes wrong and I’ll pop up and spray the damn block up.” She would with no conscience to… I said back to her after giving her a kiss on the lips. “Don’t worry about me babe I got this thing on lock”

I was 23 and she was 27 and I kept a burgundy bandana folded up in my back right pocket with her Nick name on it….











There is a very real untold story behind this…..

Just Feeling The Clouds

Note to self…

I’m so hopeless with out herself.

To be noted…

I’m pro you! That means I’m all for it. Every word you’ve ever spread out to me. I’ve never ignored it…

One word…


The reason way a man still breathes. The reason he’s never felt short sleeved. Love struck as love trobbs increase from your inner beauty secrets.

Just that word love was alway ominous to my ears drums. The souls of the weak were always collected in lonely motel rooms by its down falls. Forever stuck In the volcanic caves of limbo. Checking out the first post.

This always feels like a cinematic  experience. Untied barriers laces. To place myself in the middle of your sensations.

I’ll never let go…

Like hanging from a loose rock from the highest mountain top. Dangling my feet… Being cold air brushed.


I don’t know…

Yet you remain making my furnace burn baby burn in the center of my globe.

I’m never letting go…



Just can’t go!

Note to self if Im still existing in her heart…….

Begging For Heaven

I want to know, how do you feel?

How was your day?

Do you feel alone and sad at night?

Are you happy?

Are you crying?

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite food?

Do you like to be held or hugged?

Are you the type to kiss and tell?

Do you believe in love or not?

Do you have a hot spot?

How is your family?

Do you have a family?

What is your favorite season?

I want to know everything about you. If there is something you want to keep to yourself then I’ll respect your silence. I want to walk through your trail that never ends. I don’t play games or leave tear stains for you to blame me for. I want to stay everyday so we can move on. I want to make you earthquake from my every thin touch. If you love me like I adore you and love you then let’s make it official. Putting the stamp on our love sending it. To the hand of a priest ready to release the powers invested in From speech. Can I be yours till we cross heavens doors. Sincerely your smiling clouds above. Kiss me twice so I know it’s real. Kiss me like the first time you could remember how it felt to truly be loved again. Kiss me love and let’s join hands and hearts I solidarity thoughts. Turning cement into concrete solid evidence of love and heavens existence. Forever!

The Old Days Of Young Passion

You woke me up with your cold soft hands running down my chest. You touched lips with me then you got out of bed to make breakfast. She had a white tee shirt on and panties and my red bandana socks.


Please lose the socks!

She laught lifting the shirt she had on and smacks her sweet thick thighs a said. “Kiss this!”

I smirked and gave her the middle finger. She picked up the white plastic salt shaker and through it at me laughing. I gotten up out of the bed wearing my grey and red sweat pants and white tee. Advancing to my target. While she was cooking the eggs and bacon. I wrapped my warm arms around her body kissing her in the neck… Her hot spot… She said to me.

“Baby I love you so much.”

“Please don’t ever leave me.”

I replied…

“The out come to that will only be what you make it.”

“Respect me stay loyal and never lie to me and we wont have any problems.”

Broken Dinner Plates And Miss Information

I kissed her on the bus stop bench. Her lips tasted like karma… I mean caramel. She miss four busses that night in my to my touches. Pointed to stars in the sky watching them die. Sky scrappers turn into unfinished papers written by the hands of Cupid. I was so stupid… Savage and ruthless… No tattoos but many scars to prove it. She knew it… She got cold and unzipped my green north face jacket and wrapped herself up in it. My chin was where her head had been. She looked up and diabolically smoked at me. I asked her what she was smiling so hard for? She just said… I don’t know I just want you around more. Sweet like sugar straws but she was lethal like shooting up raw. She always knew just how to find a good vane to stick the needle in. A feisty little demon blind of betrayal and it’s purest form. The last bus came and I started to feel strange this was a feeling I just couldn’t explain. I felt cold steel under my chin and seen a been flash at the end then she said with that evil grin. That’s the last bus you’ll ever see for cheating on me!

To be totally honest… Believe it or not….

I never ever cheat for any reason on any season. To me that’s worst than not breathing. So I just closed my eyes and waited for her to squeeze it…………..


The Pink Star Diamond

Rare… Not to be confused with anything other.

One day you will be the mother of my…

The attraction is always greater than never less.

Your words alone can carve a stone heart in to a statue of a loving man.


You will not be a dream…

Although you seem…

Adding the coal from a sweet soul to my buning yerning furnace.

Fermenting out love for ages preserving greatness.

To stay resurrected and never corrected.

Check it….

Even if you were Ralph you couldn’t wreck it.

You’re so much more than rare.

I need you to be my air,                                                                                                                                                                              I am breathless with or without you.

What do I do with you……

Extremely…                                                        Needing you…                                                    Planting young seeds to bloom…                I Hope you like these ruby roses…              Rare…                                                                   You are my…                                                       Last stop to the first organic finish line.   Don’t break me, just take me…                       Away…                                                                   All inside you for my private tour…          This is my home forever to roam…            Free at last laying my head…                        On golden breast to rest…                             Silent never to be told again…                      Only showed…


Put Your Hands Up! This Is A Kiss Up!

More wet kisses please… That’s my cup of sweet tea. Please me with every inch of your juicy begging lips.

I don’t care if there is lip stick or lip gloss pardon my smarts. I want those kisses that I faught for. A bright sun filled window opens my eyes to your blissfull kisses of rich loads.

I unload kisses back all around your navel while you lay for me able and willing to transform my hopeless romantic heart into Christmas eve.

This time I’m the child that got all the presents I asked for. Your presents is all I ever wanted in a women shining like my three gold teeth. My kisses tickle your chin with my goatee.

You love it….

I love it…..

My dearest sweet kisses to my misses. I won’t miss this. I love it!

Addiction To Running Backwards In circles

You’ve stepped in fire too much.

Burning your body up over and over.

You couldn’t stop!

You loved it!

You were drawn to it like late night campers.

Roasting things over the flames telling horror stories.

The only horrific story that was true was…

How you are addicted to unhappiness!

Kissing the Burrell of everything will be alright.

It never was!

It never is!

It will never be!

If it walks like a fictional character.

If it talks like a fictional character.

It’s a lie!

You layed down with it.

Got attached huh?

Comfortable with the same agitated tunes on the old guitar

All while riding in the same car of choas.

Screams that you’ve heard in your head but you ignored.

Your life is torn to peaces….

You can never pick them up and put them back together!

Cutting your Hands with those shards….

You thought it would work every time…


You kept cutting your hands deeper and deeper…..

Your hands!

Your hands!

Your hands!

Watch as all the plans you have of happiness burn and be destroyed!

This whole wild fire will never be tamed…..

Yummy…. Yummy…


Touching, fealing, tingly, senserly…






Attention, arousing, pleasures protecting the pulsating, sweaty vains wet stains the sheets.



Completing me as well as our desires…

Kisses all over hot spots with a imprint of lipstick all over the mid six…

Tick… Tock…

The clock has time in it that doesn’t exist.


Till morning bright…


Taming the motion in witch way the ocean floats. Hands pressed gently on each other. Moans off what the heart speaks. Making the very sensation breath. Sucking, rubbing, stroking back and forth with light screams melting her sweet ice cream.


Pulling closer while you push away. Sweat dripping over pointed nipples. Loving the very moment…

Erection… lasting ever… starting to move rapid pulling you back in slow  motion…


These three letters are like venom from a cobra…

Please treat these letters with respect to always receive a conjoined explosion…

Time after time…


Eyes Rolling back into adrenaline. Snapping back in forth clapping sounds. Round of applause.

For love making…






I fell in love with her pen. Her words were love at first write. She gave me the road maps to her inner minds emotional highways. As I concise with her verbs I see all the turn points in her life and strife. So I take note because if I ever met her in person her heart would be mine, and I would focus on her pessimistic quotes. Easing her into my life’s binding ropes of joy and pain through pleasure. I have to say what she writes touches the keys and opens my mental doors and motivates me to want more. GIVE IT TOO ME NOW! I say… Her similes are like ministries to me or some sort. Shes in pain and I know I can be her oxycodone making her feel warm an tingly and relaxed. Her mental and physical form of a pain killer, because I know I’m realer than most men… LET ME SAY IT AGAIN! I know I’m realer than most men! Foolish me, I cant see that this is love at first write. But I and her will never ever meet. damn!