The Old Days Of Young Passion

You woke me up with your cold soft hands running down my chest. You touched lips with me then you got out of bed to make breakfast. She had a white tee shirt on and panties and my red bandana socks.


Please lose the socks!

She laught lifting the shirt she had on and smacks her sweet thick thighs a said. “Kiss this!”

I smirked and gave her the middle finger. She picked up the white plastic salt shaker and through it at me laughing. I gotten up out of the bed wearing my grey and red sweat pants and white tee. Advancing to my target. While she was cooking the eggs and bacon. I wrapped my warm arms around her body kissing her in the neck… Her hot spot… She said to me.

“Baby I love you so much.”

“Please don’t ever leave me.”

I replied…

“The out come to that will only be what you make it.”

“Respect me stay loyal and never lie to me and we wont have any problems.”

Your Priceless Image And Personality Are Valuable So Guard It

You’re giving me a headache over what another man did. Please get away from my ears with all of your loud talking pears.

On your cell phone constantly. Face booking off wasting time on other people’s lives instead of living your own.

Gossiping all the time about stuff in other people’s relationships and your neglecting your own.

You have 1000 pictures on Instagram and a lot of them half naked showing off your Christmas hams. Then You get mad at all the good and nasty comments said. Even when you get a D pic sent through the air. Then all of the sudden you want to turn feminist. Please stop giving women’s rights a bad stair.

Your attracting a lot of bad attention. Have some respect for yourself and your name that I wont mention.

Understand that this is just me giving you a real proper knowledge dose of self prescription…

Wake up my sista…



I love all the
colors in the
world. A
of skin colors
and flesh. Colors
keep the world
spinning dripping
wet paint on a
blank canvas of
a colorless dinner
plates put on
display for
everyone to see.
I love it! I love
the different colors
God made. The
mortal difference…
The depth of
textures… Down
to every freckle,
eye color, hair color
and skin color. All
formed together
to make an
explosion of all
of life’s sweetest
things. Life’s
sweetest thing
to me is diversity.