.25 Acp

When I say stop.

You will not breath anymore.

A promise is a promise.

Haunting…. I know…..

No show will be aired today.

Just funeral arrangements.

A early morning wake.

As early morning breaks.

Hot heat surrounds me.

Taking me down town to be questioned.

It won’t work…

It never does…

I’m the mute…

The silent breath…

Proclaiming The Source Of Your True Human Nature

Till the sun rises.

I will fill you up with my dream catchers promises.

Never destroying the nature that habitats your forest.

Never rebuilding something over you that will destroy your beautiful ecosystem.

Even the thought of violation deminishes my spiritual Nest.

I water you everyday on every grain of land in your possession.

Hard groath and development enveloping your sweet spots deep spots.

Open your canopy up wide so I can ease the pain inside.

I’ll drop into were many men couldn’t never find or reach.

Old connections released!

Oh Mother earth…

Mother of tremendous worth…

Posen as the silent treatment…

I understand and will use my mind and bare hands to flood water over wetlands.

I hope you own a boat…

Those running emotions well be risen till floating.

Like never before…

Clear waters perspiration fights away at the fog.

Never the less…

My existence of smoove flesh, arms and and finger tips will caress the remanded of rain drops left.

Always remaining on your land.

I swear!

My Cuddle Buddy

A dime piece shined stepping out of the shower. Putting a towel around her upper chest and another towel she used to dry her hair with. It’s 10 degrees outside and the blizzard is not the only thing that’s coming tonight. I’m sitting comfortably. High off what I see feeling like I got hand warmers in my burgandy and grey sweat pants.

Thank the Lord my shorty left the bathroom door open so I can see all that is mine. All that is fine. All that is divine. Good God! My suger baby is a goddess! She was looking in the bathroom mirror drying and fixing her long curly red hair only to put it in a ponytail. She can feel my eyes scanning and lotioning her body down before she even laid down. She looked out the corner of her left eye and said “baby…. Why you looking at me like that”. I said to her… I think you know why.


A beautiful pink butter fly burst out of its cacoon making my seasonal directions riot soon. A platoon of tingly feelings March up the back of my neck. You aroused me with just a blink while small liquid dots come down your soft silky skin making me weak in the knees like the S.W.V. song. I just want to touch you all over your wet body when I unwrap the brown towel from around you then put ya feel up and eat ya sweets up.


I looked out the window from the black recliner to see slow snow flakes dropping from the cloudy nights sky. Then I heard her towel drop to the floor and I slowly looked to the left to see her body’s natural glow. I want some bad but I know I got to be a good boy and wait. Naked and oily from her blue berry scented body oil she began to walk over to the bed and put on her red tee shirt…. Damn I love it when she puts on that cut up red tee shirt exposing her thick curves and her bright desirables the perfect image of God’s gratest creation…..

She was driving me crazy and she knew how to put the petal to the metal and work the hell out of the stirring wheel. She then slipped under the thick white puffy blanket and I watched her turn away from me in the bed with a slight devious smirk facing the bathroom. I thought to myself for a second and self agreed that we should get undressed and get in the bed with her.

She said to me “baby I want it in me now”. So I said… Hold up and let me hit the kitchen and get some water first then I’m going to come back and put that ass to bed. She then said to me “Hurry up please daddy”. I walked down stairs to the kitchen and went to the fridge, pulled out the jug of water and poured it into the cup and drank it. I then put the food that was left out on the stove back into the fridge and the jug of water too. It only took me a minute to get back up the stairs and into the room where my little snow bunny was waiting for me. I hoped into the soft bed with my lady. Got closer and closer till I was behind her and then……… I heard her lightly snoring. Damn! Obviously she’s had a long day at work So I left her to sleep. Ain’t that a bitch. Well in a way I guess I did put her to bed.


Keep It Sticky For Me

The emperor of your heart. You told me to rule it. Cool rushing winds flow through my window. Thats how I know you’re here. I envisioned us… Together….

There was never a single tidal wave in our days. You’re the only way for me. Combined love hits us faster than the speed of sound. You will feel it better than a multitude of orgasm experiences. Yin and yang… I thank you for bringing us to this circle of trust.

The solid silver thoughts I have of ways to praise you. My cup is never full enough without you. Loving the way you sip me taking a slow cruise. My honey bee stung me. Programing her true love in me. The faithful love from you is validated.

Meet me down in the frame of the sleeping meadows. Satisfyingly truthful bringing more blesings. Your proposal! Mmmmm…. taste just like Now or Laters.  calligraphy in stone has or love written.

This is deep passion spilled over sheets of Lenin. Your already there at the top of the place that I wanted to feel and see.

Busy as usual for me my honey bee🐝


The Old Days Of Young Passion

You woke me up with your cold soft hands running down my chest. You touched lips with me then you got out of bed to make breakfast. She had a white tee shirt on and panties and my red bandana socks.


Please lose the socks!

She laught lifting the shirt she had on and smacks her sweet thick thighs a said. “Kiss this!”

I smirked and gave her the middle finger. She picked up the white plastic salt shaker and through it at me laughing. I gotten up out of the bed wearing my grey and red sweat pants and white tee. Advancing to my target. While she was cooking the eggs and bacon. I wrapped my warm arms around her body kissing her in the neck… Her hot spot… She said to me.

“Baby I love you so much.”

“Please don’t ever leave me.”

I replied…

“The out come to that will only be what you make it.”

“Respect me stay loyal and never lie to me and we wont have any problems.”

The Transparent Insurgent

An chaos erupted in the mind of the corrupted don’t interrupt him while he pours his gin.

Sitting back in the back seat acting as if he’s napping forgetting that he never sleeps they were speechless!

As he witnessed the setup taking place in the face of the blaze of rage with steel being pulled out the babies car seat then discharging.

I beg your pardon! He said… So they put gloves on instead hoping out of the car spinning lead like they were weaving spider webs.

Being a mastermind was his only crime seeking the death penalty in many. Perfectionist… After they emptied out their easy bake ovens peeling muffins knocking blue berries out disgusted.

The napping man that wasn’t watched it all from the back seat of the car like a hollywood star. Hands never getting dirty as hand sanitizer was his number one endorser.

Now what he sees he’s seen since a bean now a grown stalk that produces a dark art immune to violence of the highest capacity. Loaded magazines sounding off the forth of July. No lie!                                  More truth than the story of sojourner truth. Was a victim… Truth! Of a broken system… Truth!                                                 See… You can’t blame him or play him for he is the silent commander of Well organized soldiers. Turning pebbles into boulders. Don’t forget what I told ya. The mastermind always faked his or her slumber so please don’t end up a number. Just listen and pay close attention. Henchmen, tension,  realizing his mentions and intentions on being missing but visually visible.

All eyes on the quiet ones…

Notice that the ones with their tongues out always speak the loudest…



Broken Dinner Plates And Miss Information

I kissed her on the bus stop bench. Her lips tasted like karma… I mean caramel. She miss four busses that night in my to my touches. Pointed to stars in the sky watching them die. Sky scrappers turn into unfinished papers written by the hands of Cupid. I was so stupid… Savage and ruthless… No tattoos but many scars to prove it. She knew it… She got cold and unzipped my green north face jacket and wrapped herself up in it. My chin was where her head had been. She looked up and diabolically smoked at me. I asked her what she was smiling so hard for? She just said… I don’t know I just want you around more. Sweet like sugar straws but she was lethal like shooting up raw. She always knew just how to find a good vane to stick the needle in. A feisty little demon blind of betrayal and it’s purest form. The last bus came and I started to feel strange this was a feeling I just couldn’t explain. I felt cold steel under my chin and seen a been flash at the end then she said with that evil grin. That’s the last bus you’ll ever see for cheating on me!

To be totally honest… Believe it or not….

I never ever cheat for any reason on any season. To me that’s worst than not breathing. So I just closed my eyes and waited for her to squeeze it…………..


The Pink Star Diamond

Rare… Not to be confused with anything other.

One day you will be the mother of my…

The attraction is always greater than never less.

Your words alone can carve a stone heart in to a statue of a loving man.


You will not be a dream…

Although you seem…

Adding the coal from a sweet soul to my buning yerning furnace.

Fermenting out love for ages preserving greatness.

To stay resurrected and never corrected.

Check it….

Even if you were Ralph you couldn’t wreck it.

You’re so much more than rare.

I need you to be my air,                                                                                                                                                                              I am breathless with or without you.

What do I do with you……

Extremely…                                                        Needing you…                                                    Planting young seeds to bloom…                I Hope you like these ruby roses…              Rare…                                                                   You are my…                                                       Last stop to the first organic finish line.   Don’t break me, just take me…                       Away…                                                                   All inside you for my private tour…          This is my home forever to roam…            Free at last laying my head…                        On golden breast to rest…                             Silent never to be told again…                      Only showed…


Put Your Hands Up! This Is A Kiss Up!

More wet kisses please… That’s my cup of sweet tea. Please me with every inch of your juicy begging lips.

I don’t care if there is lip stick or lip gloss pardon my smarts. I want those kisses that I faught for. A bright sun filled window opens my eyes to your blissfull kisses of rich loads.

I unload kisses back all around your navel while you lay for me able and willing to transform my hopeless romantic heart into Christmas eve.

This time I’m the child that got all the presents I asked for. Your presents is all I ever wanted in a women shining like my three gold teeth. My kisses tickle your chin with my goatee.

You love it….

I love it…..

My dearest sweet kisses to my misses. I won’t miss this. I love it!

Your Priceless Image And Personality Are Valuable So Guard It

You’re giving me a headache over what another man did. Please get away from my ears with all of your loud talking pears.

On your cell phone constantly. Face booking off wasting time on other people’s lives instead of living your own.

Gossiping all the time about stuff in other people’s relationships and your neglecting your own.

You have 1000 pictures on Instagram and a lot of them half naked showing off your Christmas hams. Then You get mad at all the good and nasty comments said. Even when you get a D pic sent through the air. Then all of the sudden you want to turn feminist. Please stop giving women’s rights a bad stair.

Your attracting a lot of bad attention. Have some respect for yourself and your name that I wont mention.

Understand that this is just me giving you a real proper knowledge dose of self prescription…

Wake up my sista…