A Young Cubs Transformation Into A Feared Lion

A STRONG MANS FATE. He took a blood oath by chasing a ghost that was never there.

HE BECAME SUPERIOR QUICKLY. Casting spells out turning his foes into smoke and receiving a black cross tattooed in the middle of his forehead.

HE NEVER RAN AWAY FROM A FIGHT. Brawling with the strength and stamina of Zeus. Ripping trees from there roots. Punching through concrete burriers that surrounds him with heat.

IS HE A MAN OR A MONSTER? He can’t tell no more. His body’s always sore. He got tired of being poor and his silence spoke louder than yours. So listen to a cold hearted lion as he roars.

HIS MEMORIES OF THE PAST. Where the torture and blood shed reside. He was a weak individual who was picked on by his family of criminals. Till one day he stood up and flashed lightning till the men tured to minerals.

PLEASE DONT JUDGE A SWORD BY ITS WEIGHT. He stood on the hill in freezing temperatures grinding with Bill the beastly one. Till will the creepy one pulled heat out to steal from bill but Bill drew first putting a whole in will for trying to pull out on him.



Please! Don’t Read This! This Is The Worst Shit I’ve Ever Wrote

Ya I cursed! Violent talks and walks through the dust storms. I love all of your positive speeches. I love all of your pictures of Sandy beach’s. I dug a bullet out of his chest with a steak knife and my finger nails. I know I ain’t shit and I never will be so don’t have pitty for me just listen to me. What? I bet you just think I’m downing myself. Just check my track record or Google misery. I was sixteen the first time I snorted a brown dream. I’m sorry but everything just can’t be perfect in your life! Or is it? Maybe you never had to steal to feed your siblings. I’m not hating! I’m glad you can take trips. I can’t cuz I have felonies so I can’t get a passport. The good old USA…. FUCK DONALD TRUMP AND THE KKK!!!!! Racist to me just because I’m black watching neo Nazis March on Washington D.C…… What the fuck is going on! Hold up! I fucked up… This was suppose to be positive. What I wrote was suppose to make you see who I really am… Or some shit! Fuck it… I fucked up again and again, and again and again…. Filled caskets while you sat home cozy hand crafting wicker baskets. I’ll just watch the pictures of you going to college or graduating or some shit. I’m sincerely glad that you made it. On the flip side where I reside prison pictures in the yard with other inmates for making chancey mistakes. Oh fuck! Is chancey a word? I don’t care…. It will be today! I made being me fashionable. You stole it to perpetrate. If you really knew how we live across the train tracks. You would shed a tear for every time I gotten booked for a misdemeanor charge went to bail review and got a no bail then got sent back to jail to rot in hell. Anyway… I’m so proud of you and your remarkable success… For real! I’m not hating at all! I guess we all went to jail because we didn’t want to starve. My mother was just happy that I survived in there all…. That’s it…. If you got questions… No comment! The 5th!


Keep It Sticky For Me

The emperor of your heart. You told me to rule it. Cool rushing winds flow through my window. Thats how I know you’re here. I envisioned us… Together….

There was never a single tidal wave in our days. You’re the only way for me. Combined love hits us faster than the speed of sound. You will feel it better than a multitude of orgasm experiences. Yin and yang… I thank you for bringing us to this circle of trust.

The solid silver thoughts I have of ways to praise you. My cup is never full enough without you. Loving the way you sip me taking a slow cruise. My honey bee stung me. Programing her true love in me. The faithful love from you is validated.

Meet me down in the frame of the sleeping meadows. Satisfyingly truthful bringing more blesings. Your proposal! Mmmmm…. taste just like Now or Laters.  calligraphy in stone has or love written.

This is deep passion spilled over sheets of Lenin. Your already there at the top of the place that I wanted to feel and see.

Busy as usual for me my honey bee🐝


I Want The Money Now


Is know good…

Testing patience…

Don’t do it!

Hunger can turn the lights on to violence.


Walking around with lent in his pockets on pins and needles.


Not wanting!

Nobody ever gave him nothing!

Not even the last crumb of a blueberry muffin.

This is now the barrel of the gun man.

Wanting everything!

Leaving nothing!

Hands to your side…

Gun to your chest…

This ain’t know test….

You better just do what’s best…

For you!

To Succeed At Light Speed

On top of a cold mountain peak is where you’ll find me. The freezing temperatures are like a father. My insulated winter coat hugs me like a mother. Three months it took for me to see. The very top of the mountain peak. I’ve always went where no man would dare go. Even if it meant walking through six feet of thick white snow. Their were no seven dwarfs at the top. Just a flag from someone else marking the rarely seen spot. I’ve made it through so many avalanches. At least up here I don’t have to pay taxes. I went straight to the top like your favorite hit songs. Doing what I had to in order to survive the blizzards and snow storms. I’ve seriously came far enough in my life. To me this is only half way. I’ll keep walking as far as the skylines the very next day.

I know I’m only human but nothing will ever stop me!

Finding A Way To Calm The fury With In

I’m still trying to recover…

Im still trying to get right…

I’m still falling.

Trying to grab a hold of the new ages.

A unfinished prototype of a man with no feeling and no compassion trying to transition to a normal future! Interactional and compatible rearranging my thoughts into love and not flames.                                                          I won’t go to far. Medicating between Wellbutrin and Bupropion. Sertraline to walk the type rope to hope. Please don’t fall… Hoping to God when I’m in public that know one bumps into me or look me in my eyes a certain way.                                    They say I’m fucked up… Seroquel won’t even put me to sleep. My mind skips a beat sometimes when I hear old songs. Triggering flash backs of a savage nostalgia.                                                             A child that knew no real punishment untill I met the true devil.

I don’t go far… No mirrors, pictures or clippers to shape my life up. Cutting off the ties of the guys that I once looked up to as a child.                                                 Now all dead and gone or getting high somewhere strung out creeping through the back Windows stealing only to satisfy there drug apitites.                            Some of them are doing maximum time behind the iron bars or on death row awaiting to die slow.

Can someone tell me the reason for a prison sentence of life plus 75 years? Do you have to die twice in order to come home and see your kids?

This is the prototype of a man Trying to transition.

The Transparent Insurgent

An chaos erupted in the mind of the corrupted don’t interrupt him while he pours his gin.

Sitting back in the back seat acting as if he’s napping forgetting that he never sleeps they were speechless!

As he witnessed the setup taking place in the face of the blaze of rage with steel being pulled out the babies car seat then discharging.

I beg your pardon! He said… So they put gloves on instead hoping out of the car spinning lead like they were weaving spider webs.

Being a mastermind was his only crime seeking the death penalty in many. Perfectionist… After they emptied out their easy bake ovens peeling muffins knocking blue berries out disgusted.

The napping man that wasn’t watched it all from the back seat of the car like a hollywood star. Hands never getting dirty as hand sanitizer was his number one endorser.

Now what he sees he’s seen since a bean now a grown stalk that produces a dark art immune to violence of the highest capacity. Loaded magazines sounding off the forth of July. No lie!                                  More truth than the story of sojourner truth. Was a victim… Truth! Of a broken system… Truth!                                                 See… You can’t blame him or play him for he is the silent commander of Well organized soldiers. Turning pebbles into boulders. Don’t forget what I told ya. The mastermind always faked his or her slumber so please don’t end up a number. Just listen and pay close attention. Henchmen, tension,  realizing his mentions and intentions on being missing but visually visible.

All eyes on the quiet ones…

Notice that the ones with their tongues out always speak the loudest…



The Pink Star Diamond

Rare… Not to be confused with anything other.

One day you will be the mother of my…

The attraction is always greater than never less.

Your words alone can carve a stone heart in to a statue of a loving man.


You will not be a dream…

Although you seem…

Adding the coal from a sweet soul to my buning yerning furnace.

Fermenting out love for ages preserving greatness.

To stay resurrected and never corrected.

Check it….

Even if you were Ralph you couldn’t wreck it.

You’re so much more than rare.

I need you to be my air,                                                                                                                                                                              I am breathless with or without you.

What do I do with you……

Extremely…                                                        Needing you…                                                    Planting young seeds to bloom…                I Hope you like these ruby roses…              Rare…                                                                   You are my…                                                       Last stop to the first organic finish line.   Don’t break me, just take me…                       Away…                                                                   All inside you for my private tour…          This is my home forever to roam…            Free at last laying my head…                        On golden breast to rest…                             Silent never to be told again…                      Only showed…


I’ve Moved On But Don’t Forget That I Can Still Do You Wrong

I ain’t shit!                                                          I cannot change my past. Never changing like the number 8. Know matter how much you shape it. Rewinding the cassette tape till it breaks.

I’m still paranoid!                                             Still looking through the blinds in the house till they get stuck in the same position like that. Still chocking the air out of old memories till his Adams apple cracks.

There are still peaces of me that want to make my enemy’s bleed. Fragments of the fragment of your imagination that you picked up and thought I was of a weak breed.



Don’t make me pull this knife out of my sleeve or just break your jaw leaving the pieces flying like hurricane debris. Sometimes I still feel like I’m a young buck again and I can take over corners like back in the early 2000. All the money in my pocket is dead like the mens faces on them.

I might have changed realizing I must over come my past life by every inch of gains. When I think of all the lives lost and close friends and associates that all have life sentences. I think to myself knowing God put me here for a valuable reason. I never will go get the past or even those promises made. I going to continue to walk forward leaving my old days and bad days like I graduated to the next grade.

I’m From L.N.G. Part 2

Baltimore City is running out of yellow police tape and chalk making grow men run jumping gates.


If you do…. that’s your ass in a sandwich bag. Toes neatly tagged up by white cold rose men.


True blue and red, blue and red riding through the hood up beside you. Hungry and blood Thirsty nomes with helpers surrounding you. Taking whatever is reliable. Please… They don’t ask for license and registration. Never run off because they don’t do no chasing.


Explaining the other side of what you never see on t.v. Is hard for America to understand. A nine year old boy broke into a house. Stole a gun… Shooting every thing up. The poison they’re feeding yall. They’re feeding us…


Anybody on the street asks you a question or has a Hoody on over their heads. Don’t say anything back if they speak. This is my only warning. Mind your own… Keep on going!


Wet razor blades with crack  cocaine  residues. Chopping away at the eight ball on the glass table. All around…. Gunz are loaded. No Jehovah’s witnesses ever knock on these doors at ten in the morning or closest of closest kin will be morning.


Give me some air! All in a plastic bucket. So I can divide it amongst my brothers in company…

Only me…

Only us…