“700th Post!”

I think it’s crazy how.

I’ve lasted so long.

No face in the mud.

No bullets in my back.

No more selling crack.

I cracked my knuckles

Before I’ll ever fumble my


I’ll get pushed

Down by some badges.

Searched up.

beaten down!


never me!

I made it clear

That I’d shoot first

Before they ever bury


I’ll sleep awake!

So no one can take

My dreams.

I’ve grown here.

A month before I

Started typing on

WordPress. I was

Fresh up out the

Can. Throwing away

My I’d badge.


House raided again!


Days after. I was back

In jail. then questioned.

Almost violated parol

Into probation. Came home

Again to see my younger


He gave me the

Referral to refurbish

My life. Then he said to


“Tell your story!”

“Well don’t tell them everything?!”

“Man wtf!?”

“Just type in!?”

“You don’t know how to!?”

“Damn it!”

“Just write and I’ll type it!”

I’ve been on here ever since.


A negro still here!

Thanks for all the support, loves and encouraging words!

Peace and blessings to you all!

Just Tweaking The Ears…

Ya ya!

Ya ya!

Watch your step…

I’m on fire…

I’m up next



Ya Ya!

Ya ya!

Salmon colored…

Facing dating deprived…


Ya ya!

Ya ya!



Telegraphic is the mind…

Super surprised…

To see what’s inside…

Ya ya!

Yatta Yatta…

Good bye…



Brushed up aginst me…

Paint blushed…

Pardon my silver erection…

Roped off rushed…

Ya ya!



Problem Matic…


Systematically stranded…

Damn casualties…

Ya Ya!



Yatta yatta!

let’s cut to the chase! Challenged by heavy weights! Stomped them out like forest fires! Stomped them flat like crepes!




One voice can build a whole empire or bring it down! Mentally The Mayor of myself! How many gunz to may head that were Impotent! Blasts loud Motown!




Boys to men! Basically put some base in your voice man times ten! Now they’ll listen! Talk when spoken to! face to face eavesdropping to here there intense pocket more intention!




Birds all fly in pairs! Only got one when I paid for two! That was a great relationships last air! Formed aginst me never prospered! Your still a prospect! Trying to be a thrones heir!




I can’t think with that chainsaw in my ears! Wood chippers with red paint! Painted my mind with more hate! Wars can be stopped with understanding plus love! That’s what I’m after! So pass that black glove…

Ya ya!

Ya ya!

Im all in for new peace and love……….