Certified On All Sides Bitch

Till I D.I.E WEST SIDE fuxk those opinions There’s been a opioid Epidemic In the city’s,

Were my people Resigned aside Gentrification But when our Bodies drop We never even got mentioned, T

hey didn’t give A fuck,

No news, No propaganda Ask yourself this,

What black person You know own a Port with ships,

why When a collage Kid comes to The ghetto with His friends to get a hit, They get let go When cought With contraband,

We go to jail Bail revoked, nine postponed Trial dates, Fuck America Y’all made us This way And fuck you Coons,

Dancing for master Racism and Lynching still, Exist, but to Most it don’t even matter,

the world Rather focus On pro nouns And space Travel, Iphones and Shit, I’m pissed, to be frank I’m tired I can wait, Till this world is Purificate,

Burns All of there Ancestors sins away A blood line condemned Did, Fuck you, Fuck you If America was Litteraly The last pussy On earth,

I still wouldn’t Fuck you, You fucking Fools, Listen, His a history Lesson, For you disrespectful, Bitchs,

My ancestors Came from Africa, So what does That make me, How can I be Anti-Semitic When The Semitic one is me, What number Never changes in Shape,

The number 8, Fuck Instagram, To Those private Prisons the provide my niggaz to live in, funded By you company leaders, Facts!

They Gone Go

You can
have the
best dick
in the universe!
You can
have the
pussy of
all times!

You can
be honest,
You can
give all
your love,
give the
Of affection!
You can
be rich,
all of thee

Helll! You
can be a

You could
have done
they wanted
Gave whatever
They desired
Or thought
They deserved!

If they
cheat on
They Gone
cheat on
It’s nothing
you can do………….
Don’t try
to fix it
coz it wasn’t

Fuxk the
Point of

The blaming,
Finger wagging,
The misery
They put you

All The
On to you!

Cheating on
A selfish
thing that
causes a
trust issues,
it’s mentality
It can get
If they
can cheat
on you once
Then they
will damn
cheat on
you again………….


Male/female.. Whatever the fuxk you young mah fuxkaz identify as or go by.

For Normalization

Bear with me…

I was never good with
Words. That’s why I
Barely spoken.

I knew what i wanted
To say. Then when my mouth
Opened. The words
Came out persecuted by contradiction.

I just want to be…

I’m not… I never will
Understand my ways
Or how I feel. Split
Personality, so we
Just talk to each other.
I know if I talk to myself
No one would make fun
Of or judge him….


You see…

I know this makes no
Sense. I forget numbers,
Dates, small things.
I struggle….
Every address I lived
I can only remember one of the numbers.

Bear with me…

I know I don’t make sense…

So frustrated, embracing,
Alone, sad, madness. All the
Sorrows with titles. Quotes
Like Scripture from the bible.

King James…

I’d rather gaze into
80 percent of the

Maybe someone linked to a prophet…

Maybe a May bee sweating over honey.

I picked up a gun
Before a book. Didn’t
Learn to read till I was a

All praise due to
The Almighty. Blessing
Me with a paper and pen.
Yet they still don’t here me.
Like they never understood
me then…

They say I speak in
Riddles soo…

Riddle me this…

Decode my words!
Behold the thought!
When teeth don’t show!
That means my pen
Will be a tattoo needle for

My woes will be jotted!
You could snort them
In lines then!

Try to..

Bear with the two headed
Viper crying! Some
Thoughts crippled
Till my mind has delayed
Then deleted!

All I ask is for you to bear with me…

Believe it……..

Love Thy Prisoners


Moss grows on my tears


I seriously have no fears

When touched

I will kill you

The insaine, sain

Saint In my

Own way

I can go every place that

You can’t

Leaving a path in your

Silent rants

Talk if you feel

It will change how

I feel

I feel nothing

Yet I’m reasonable

See that target over there

If you can shoot that bee

From here

You disrespected me

In front of my peers


let you live

He missed

I didn’t

The target


In front of a crowd of



Lol ,Well, Hypothetically speaking

Just let me be


At sixteen

I bought a Mac 10

A bullet proof vest

Level 13


Remember when so n so

Fucked me over


My love and loyalty

Said bad things about my mother

Over and over I believe

Well the jury should have called me


Cause I told them

“It wasn’t me”






My reflection


I don’t give a fuck

I live to survive

I will permanently shut you up

Although I ain’t proud

Of the shoes I once worn

I dream every night about

Old things that I’ve done

Things that happened in the war

The war in the streets

Not that patriot bullshit

I don’t stick my nose in

Other folks affairs

I don’t believe in calling everyone

Not “Cathilic” or “Christian”

A terrorist

All this shit

When America can

Dropping bombs on

Holy Mosqes, family’s and small children

let me kill someone in self-defense

I’ll get a thousand yes

No damn picket fence

From the judge with no regrets

Called a no good gangster

With no regards for human steps

Fuck the judge

Plus those american ways of political respect

Fuck all the times

I was young and the police beat my ass

Black privileged

With the privelge of being disrespected

I’ll die for what I belive in

Till freedom becomes our true blessing

I don’t give a damn who hates me

I don’t preach hate behind a podium

Let’s lock in behind prison doors

The ones you put us in

I fucking bet you won’t go toe to toe with him

Him is me

Him don’t give a damn if him bleeds or can’t breath

Come get me

I will kill you






Enyone Have A Spare

They hear…

Declaring there blood sacrifices…

Souls sold for a way out of poverty…

Somersaults into my own past scars…

Hearing the same car crash in the curcomfrence…

Nothing is ever around till they need…

Once they take…

They take off wind blow sounds…

I’m little now like before…

Making my own wars…

Bleeding old self bleeding…



Old love life was a board game…

Played by outside mumbles…

Don’t lie to me…

I said to a hand gun…

Chairs broken…

I hated how they were looking…

pointing at my black ravens grave yard…

All the good in this world…

Should help you…

Not critically force you…



I live it how I wanna die…

Fucking spies……..



The F×××ing You get… Is The F×××ing You get…

“A old man doing life told me that quote…”




If it ain’t one thing…

It’s another…


I just want to live my life…

Without the struggle…


Knowing in life that the things you think are good…

Will hurt you till you never want it…





Chain smoking broken hearts. Don’t knock at my door. I’ll never let you in like the cops…. I’ve been pushed down a endless flight of stairs. Just to walk back up them. One gone through madness. Stainless steel back breaking mattresses. Cold! Uncomfortable! I just wish I could be like you. I wish I had a one eyed heart like yours….

The pirate! With the bird and eye patch. Nicotine engulfed your astrology. I fell in love with nothing. The whole time I was waiting for someone. To die with… Nothing achieved. Life is like a box of d××ks…. No matter how much you try to do right…


Pardon my language…

I ment to say extremely f××ked…









Tears of joy…
To know that
mother’s second
born. Made it
another day
In the city of
Fire that
Had surrounded.

The smell of eggs,
toast and Turkey bacon
frying. Trying to
overcome the
loud music booming.
Out the cars…
As they pass by
the filled up apartments.

Nostalgic peaked in
hearing van doors slide
back. Opening fast back broken glass apps. The shell casings
Tapping the concrete.

Listen as my heart
beats faster like, a crack fiend taking his first blast.
Them crack pipe in trash..

I’m alive another day!
To open my eyes.. l made it!
This city of… lmmortal mayhem throughout my Raybands…

I slide on my slide on’s
Like slippers…
Brush my teeth…
It’s cold outside,
so much heat.

I open the front door.
Walk to the corner
store. Get my
morning brew plus
Cheap whiskey like
Drinking out of a
Boot. Dirty…..

I’m a word called bewildered..
By the slow police car
creeping past me trying
To make me a victims.
Drivers stone gaze
eyes watching me.

My every move!
I bop down the
dried bloody graffiti
on the side walk.

It made me think of..
The wild gun fight tragedy
That took place last
Last week. Claiming
yet another casualty..
These streets hold no

By the way… his
casket was closed
his family.. close associates.. weeping! Crows above
I walked away from
The dark pit.

Down the block past
Traveling past the
drug spot.

The blind
open air sales and
Customers… Come
On down!
Made sweat cascades
down my cheek.
I don’t want to
catch a cold from a
“AK 47”
botched robberys
takes place in front
of me. I ain’t seen shit!

I said Wazup! up!
To the guys and ladies.
Everybody I dapped up.

Never knowing… Greedy
politicians… Police
brutality is a trending
topic… I hear the old
Heads on the block…
Constantly gossiping…

The lead in our drinking
water… The schools
where our sons and
daughters go…

They aren’t giving
Good supporting jobs..
One with decent wages
So how do we survive?

Teenage pregnancy weekly..
Welfare… food stamps
used frequently..
As the day comes to a
end… As well…
I leave my home boy’s
In the alley with a
half a pint of Jack…

I’m taking my ass
Home! I say my peace, dueces and goodbyes. I know
seven out of ten of them
Might not make it past
10 o’clock. I went up the
Stairs to the house.

Took my keys out..
Opened up the front door.
No ones home.
The door locks broken nothing
Stolen.. maybe they broken
Into the wrong house..

Tired I laying on the floor,
I didn’t even get
I’m good.

I know that whoever will be.
God is good. The
Lives of other are.
So misunderstood.. Crime in order to survive. I blink my eyes then go I’m asleep drooling!