I’ve Moved On But Don’t Forget That I Can Still Do You Wrong

I ain’t shit!                                                          I cannot change my past. Never changing like the number 8. Know matter how much you shape it. Rewinding the cassette tape till it breaks.

I’m still paranoid!                                             Still looking through the blinds in the house till they get stuck in the same position like that. Still chocking the air out of old memories till his Adams apple cracks.

There are still peaces of me that want to make my enemy’s bleed. Fragments of the fragment of your imagination that you picked up and thought I was of a weak breed.



Don’t make me pull this knife out of my sleeve or just break your jaw leaving the pieces flying like hurricane debris. Sometimes I still feel like I’m a young buck again and I can take over corners like back in the early 2000. All the money in my pocket is dead like the mens faces on them.

I might have changed realizing I must over come my past life by every inch of gains. When I think of all the lives lost and close friends and associates that all have life sentences. I think to myself knowing God put me here for a valuable reason. I never will go get the past or even those promises made. I going to continue to walk forward leaving my old days and bad days like I graduated to the next grade.

The Red Life


I’ve played for the red team since 14. When the cops came for us. They would bring in small tanks and swat teams.

Lined us up on walls like book shelves. Violation of rights when we were kids. Till we became grown males.

Then we wasn’t having that shit!

The lady’s to…

I ain’t going to lie! They were more ruthless than the dudes.

Shooot! There was no win or lose. Structure and obedience was formed strong while we paid dues.

We crowded up the prison systems like the bad aroma of chitlins. Riots from mistreatment. Watching cell blocks burn like it was tradition.

Escalator moving up the ranks quickly. Till I became top dog in the pound. I guess you could call me a blood hound.

Or maybe a pitbull barking loud sounds. Uncontrollable arts and crafts on side walks and stop signs.

Territory marked up by following Sun Tzu’s guide lines. I guided all minds to be true.

Always have your brother or sisters back marching throughthe streets. Malcolm X by any means.

You can agree or disagree. Fine by me…

My soldiers will steady mob till we ever shall fall under siege by anything. You don’t have to like me at all.

The red team will always be ready to play ball.


K.C. Ain’t In Charge No More…

Jelly fish!



Always ready to dip…

Bailing on your family…

Bailing on your comrades…

A strawberry has more heart than you!

A creation waisted in his image!

To most!

Lord forgive me…

Your image is a kitten in a bears body!

Dread locks that grow from a cowards falling crown…

When we needed you….

You came around late when you wanted to!

Now tables turn into I told you so…

Know you need us to replenish you whole…

We never showed…

Now you know how it sounds to hear the dial tone!

Them Power Pellets

M. D. M. A.                                                      I need you to take my mind away. I want you to put my mood in a better place. When you don’t hug me with warm and tingles.

I want to kill myself along with the long conversations I had with me. Stay with me Ecstasy! Live in my system forever.

Make endless love in me last. I’ll drink plenty of water. Liquids containing vitimin C.

All to enhance the quality time between you and me. I took you in like my medicine. Leaving me in the room by myself with glasses on at night vibes amazing listening to loud music.

Playing the same song on repeat repetitively. Feeling a inner love like yours is a powerful force field around my anti social. Bunny rabbits like thumper talking softly to a young fawn like Bambi.

That was just those strippers Mandy and sandy. I don’t fucking remember. The broad with the dorsal fin hair style with pink braid extentions.

Trying to get a hold of my lucky charms of all colors and different shapes. If or when you find her. She will be your best date.

Till your decease day. Dating the hating demons dancing around the dark shadows of your room. Do you see them?

Do you!

This Is All I Have Left In Humanity

Nothing would be more romantically poetic than us dying together.

The suicidal pot wholes of life’s scars we would drop in often.

Digging our own his and hers graves. Laughing… Drinking the sad atmosphere.

Today will be our first day holding hands yet our last day ever seen.

Both being the children of a dead beat happiness that we never saw.

We waited though… waiting and waiting… Mother said he would come back to us some day.

Now adults…

We grew tired of his empty lying promises.

Ridiculed and rejected by all means. By our own friends and families. Till anxiety was more of a reliable friend than he or she ever were.

No one seems to understand you and me. No one understands the true dysfunctional disaster of painful memories that linger.


We would often shout left. Then lifting our heads up to see that we are everyone’s none understandable spectacle for consumption criticism unfold.

Some way through our crooked unforgettable past. We managed to find one whole of a half in two different yet comparable paths.

We are truly a complete incomplete match.

It’s very funny to me how I feel like the only way we can truly love each other and be…..

Dirt drops on the one burgandy casket lowering slowly into the atmost-crust.

Ashes to ashes our bodies are now one in the same casket alive holding each other as two under looked so called crazy ones.

I will always be till we cease to breathe. Reappearing in the light wearing all white clean.

I will always be crazy about you and me!

So I guess I am crazy……..

About escape….


Real Gangsta Shit

Spoken from a O.G…..

I’m feed up with all the nonsence. You all need to wise up and have some sense. Not even a half of sense but a whole sense… Leave all this my color your color in the past tense. My block your block needs to stop. The only true enemy we have is the……


The decedent’s of the Black Panther Party, the Black Liberation Army. Political prisoners standing tall and strong. That’s the type of path we need to be on.


I’m not trying to preach to you all like Cyrus. This ain’t nomovie yet we are all warriors. We need to get money. Take care of our fellow brothers and sisters. Our beautiful families, community’s and so forth. Breaking us away from a imprisoned mind frame of thought that we live and pay rent in.

I’ve been with the gang since I was 14. I didn’t bang for a fashion statement. I didn’t bang to bring harm to civilians or the so called opposition. I started banging just so I could make a difference. To walk a strait path like the Black Panthers did.


I know retaliation is a must. I know your brother took out my cousin. We need to all strengthen our minds and misguided guide lines or we will face internal and external destruction. Extinction as well as others. We must all come together as one of us. Make millions… feed the poor and educate the uneducated children. We must take care of our women or queens and princess… single mothers and our brothers and sisters. Mr and Ms or Mrs…

All this senseless killing has to fucking stop and diminish. To you so called leaders, war chiefs, kings ,almightys, and omegas… to the so called original gangstaz. Folks or Peoples nation. Need to step up and sanction or snatch the flags or stars from there ranks or reputation.

Of the miss guided BGs… to… OYGs… or however yall ranks go…

We need to take a strong stand against the extinction of our loved ones. Black, latino, Hispanic, Asian, poor, whites that are in the same boat as us… color, religion, and gender…. The agenda is to be the majority and not what they call us….. minority’s! So Called……

Let’s teach on another what the true meaning of gang was and is supposed to mean..


So stand tall my brothers and sisters. Be gangsta enough to end the madness so we can all come together as one unified while making flags tie together a endeavor.

I have G love for all of you and yours and the future ones who walk through those doors. Let me make this my final call…

Every O.G. step up around the world…

Let’s make it!

The Wall Between Us By Cameron Chin

Young men fighting wars built off lies while refugees flea for their lives, Fathers clutching their children and wives while bombs drop from the sky only for their access to be denied. Where’s your empathy? Sounds like privilege to me, who are you to decide weather someone lives or dies? You wonder why people hate us, instead of welcoming with open arms we point our firearm and stand alarm. For what? Fear? You were born into a life people dream about at about night, you will turn your back on the needy but steady feed the greedy. Where’s your compassion? Where’s your morals? Stop being so entitled! Forget about being a citizen of the U.S.A for a second and think like a plain human being. We are supposed to break bread and give a helping hand to those in need, no matter the color of your skin, the country you were born in, the language you speak or your ethnicity. WE ARE ALL HUMAN!!

I just write whatever comes to mind. You can like it, love it or hate it! Let me know what you think about it.

Hunting Season By Cameron Chin

A good heart, filled with despair. Does a good heart really get you anywhere? This world is cold, they say only the wolves survive. Seems like having a good heart will only get you eaten alive. I reach for a greater being only to be held down by my own self esteem. Is there really hope for me? Hopefully, this is how things are supposed be! You’re one of kind so know everything in life takes time. Having a good heart is a blessing, just because others loss their souls trying to take control of what you already withhold, doesn’t mean you have to stoop to their low. Just be you and control what you can control.


I grew up on the burning side of the city, where hollow point bullets took more souls then holocaust victims. God rest their souls. Hey kids there’s a new trend that’s going on its called black on black crime. I know why but I don’t have all the answers. Police officers using P.O.W. style war tactic’s on impoverished civilians hopping out their cars on us and killing and quarantining our children while tensions are building.

I still live though I know that death waits for me on every corner and alleyway and In vacant buildings. I still survive knowing that sometimes I pray for help even though I think god isn’t listening. Drugs of all sorts and cars of all sports. Our women are forced to sell their souls for nourishment for their children and the men just disrespect them for reasons I will not mention.

I’m just saying… Ain’t no love in these children and that’s why they off killing. I feel them, and all their pain spills on the pavement. I witnessed junkies get clean in prison and come home an make millions off of John Dillinger’s occupation. My city, my hood and my life sometimes its the only way.

Death before dishonor. Hell on earth and we sip forty ounces with leather base ball gloves on. Marijuana in our systems and prescription pain killers in our blood stream just to escape harsh reality even for a moment. Please forgive us, for it was never the life we choose we just inherited the skull and bones an broken homes and a culture we will never truly know.

No love at all. Someone please help save our souls!

Help me!

Save me!

Love me! For who I am.

To The Disgraceful And Unfaithful Fathers Of The Unwanted

This one here is for all the good single mothers I appreciate your true strength. I love you all!

That man…. The man that helped in creating the child that you both received. He left you to take care of all their needs. To you so called men. You are all just boys in a playpen. Trying to make your way in her life with fake words of love. You got you chance in and didn’t use a glove. When you’ve entered the womb it was her special and sacred place she gave to you. She thought you would be the man to stay and rule. You two faced rat! With spoken words of lust to cheat the game of life. Manipulating her to give it up. You foolish human with all the traits of satanic tendencies. You turn Eve against man. Leaving a good man with no chance of ever wooing her no matter how much you’re real with her.

You have to understand her mental pain and scares. The boot prints left behind that ran out on her relive a bad past. Making her challenge her worth and place in earth. Thanks a lot to the cowards that turn women off to a real start. With a man who wants a real commitment. A man that will be there and love his women and child with with imperial care. To the mothers and the mothers of fatherless sons and daughters. The ones that were created with no bother. Left to the beautiful and strong mothers to raise them. She loves them and will put nothing above them.

The most beautiful creation in the world is life. He took it for granted. Left y’all alone and stranded. One of the worst things in a kids eyes is when they see another kid with both parents.


You poor excuse made in God’s imsge. Tarnishing the minds of women. Running out on his own damn children. You fucking discuss me! Do you know that the almighty can see. So I sit here giving my high praises to all the mothers. The single parents. The true worriers of our creation. Taking us and raising us from babies to adults. Disppite our emotional handy caps.


Oh ya! To the little boys who call yourself men. Ya I’m talking to you!!! If you want my address I’ll kindly give it to you. If you gain the courage to show ya face to plea your case. I’ll personally beat the taste and cave ya face leaving shattered in all places. That’s even if you can make it on my block without some kid carjacking you or shooting you at point blank. Fuck you and all your excuses your a disgrace.

For real thought! If you want my info. Go to my contacts and email me and I’ll give you my where abouts. By the way… I’m a real man and if you go throuh my directions and actually meet me. I’ll play far…. That’s my word….

I’m not joking or playing so contact me I you dare.