To Worn Out To Dine

Bakery fresh

First sight love

Stuck to me like lacquer

Never lack there of


Crescent roll

I made homemade


Flat before naked


Tight like two best friends

Sense 1989

Robbed blind by

Not making sense to why

How high can one taste get

Pollution starting in the sky

By smoke stacks

High enough to

Listen to the dwarf planet

Of Pluto’s accent

Accidental connection


Of slow reactions

I Couldn’t act quick enough

To say how I felt

I choked up like

I was being strangled by Orions Belt

You can not move a

Non-rolling Stonehenge

Earth tone spirit

Gimme gimme gimme

I kept my mouth shut


One of my murder investigations

I hated that I was the center of attention


I had a attentive vision

On what had sparked brain cells

To wear breeches

Waved horse ride

Cold chilling

More ribbons

In the sky

The next bridezilla

Thinking to far

Her eyes were like

Badazzling stars

Smelling like

The look of a rainbow

Gaurding my feelings like Nato

Trying to untangle

The head phones cords

On my tongue

To talk

Tongue tied



She said the first word

Shy ass me

I was stone stiffend