Love Thy Prisoners


Moss grows on my tears


I seriously have no fears

When touched

I will kill you

The insaine, sain

Saint In my

Own way

I can go every place that

You can’t

Leaving a path in your

Silent rants

Talk if you feel

It will change how

I feel

I feel nothing

Yet I’m reasonable

See that target over there

If you can shoot that bee

From here

You disrespected me

In front of my peers


let you live

He missed

I didn’t

The target


In front of a crowd of



Lol ,Well, Hypothetically speaking

Just let me be


At sixteen

I bought a Mac 10

A bullet proof vest

Level 13


Remember when so n so

Fucked me over


My love and loyalty

Said bad things about my mother

Over and over I believe

Well the jury should have called me


Cause I told them

“It wasn’t me”






My reflection


I don’t give a fuck

I live to survive

I will permanently shut you up

Although I ain’t proud

Of the shoes I once worn

I dream every night about

Old things that I’ve done

Things that happened in the war

The war in the streets

Not that patriot bullshit

I don’t stick my nose in

Other folks affairs

I don’t believe in calling everyone

Not “Cathilic” or “Christian”

A terrorist

All this shit

When America can

Dropping bombs on

Holy Mosqes, family’s and small children

let me kill someone in self-defense

I’ll get a thousand yes

No damn picket fence

From the judge with no regrets

Called a no good gangster

With no regards for human steps

Fuck the judge

Plus those american ways of political respect

Fuck all the times

I was young and the police beat my ass

Black privileged

With the privelge of being disrespected

I’ll die for what I belive in

Till freedom becomes our true blessing

I don’t give a damn who hates me

I don’t preach hate behind a podium

Let’s lock in behind prison doors

The ones you put us in

I fucking bet you won’t go toe to toe with him

Him is me

Him don’t give a damn if him bleeds or can’t breath

Come get me

I will kill you