This Ain’t The Trap… Its A Trap!

There were Ten guys in a vaccent house. Touching the hands of clientele through the door cracked. Looking out of The windows seeing many faces.

The night was still young. Maybe about nine years old. Everbody in the spots pockets were swollen with dead presidents from years ago.

The look out kid on the black beach cruiser bike comming down the street. He was peddling his bike faster then evaporated water from extreme heat.

He was sceaming out…

“Time out yoooo!”

“Time out!”

“They comming down the one way!”

“They comming down.”

Everyone in the lonely boarded up abandoned and neglected by the city left to the chaos faculty.

The guys packed up there brown and hard white. Sticky green trees and plastics with infrared beams.

Taking flight out the back door. Down the steps.

Then bent to the left hand corner past the tan garage. Sprinting through the dark alley.

Sliding off like the engagement ring of a scorned lover. Tossing the ring down the dark hole of betrayal and adultery.

Those vaccent house guys. Smoothly, yet barely made it to there vehicles that where parked a block over.

With each one of them rolling into there cars like a pool ball effect. Into every coner of there vehicles.

As they drove away! Loking In there rear-view mirrors. All they could see was…..

Red blue…. Red blue…. Red blue…. Red blue….

Till they got away safe…

Unfinished Contract Agreements “My 200th Post”!🎉

They tried to kill him…

Two hoods sent with all black attire strolling down the block at 8pm.

There was only one thing on there minds.

It was to kill!

He thought to himself…

How could he have let them slip past him?

He was the target!

The target stood on a porch in the middle of the block watching as the assasins mask up.

Seven minute’s later….

The area he was in sounded like new years eve in every city in the U.S..

Loud shots that made the shooter deff.

Bullets zoomed pass the target.

Breaking glass, hitting storm drains on the fronts of the apartments.

Bullets plucking brick walls.


The target was praying…

He grabed the two kids covering them from the heat.

On the porch…

He covered them like syrup on concrete pancakes.

Short stacks of money the assassins were offered if they murdered the target.

The target soon found that out from his sources.

The hoods….

Soon to be ghost…

left on foot fleaing…

Running up the street…

Bending the corner of the block…

Hopping in getaway cars…

They thought they had silenced the target.

They thought he was weak…

They thought wrong…


They thought that the target was a decent regular human being…

They thought that he was basic…

When the target fell over the two young ones laying on the ground.

The assassin’s thought that they finished the job.

The assassins thought the job was completed.


The moral of this story is to always finish what you started.

I don’t care if it’s a good book.

Finish it off….



Freeze Tag With Cold Blood Vessels

“The greatest love of all”!

A song that replays over and over in my mind till this day.  Never thinking that I would be alive to say. Times then we’re unimaginably rugged. Counting prayer beads. One by one around my hand between my fingers till I felt clean. Loading up a sawn off twelve gage. There is no need to know the rest. Day by day exploding inner stress turned to P. T. S. D.

Unfitting with vowels like A’s. Always living a Z to them… Trying to be an A was not the way for me in those days. Even turning the blind narcoleptic women into a sharp shooter. So her defense is Never penitrated by any cruel man or any savage women. Love doesn’t live behind these walls only the scared. Violation of snakes turning into what they eat. Like rabbits that run and rats with cut out tongues.

Becoming what is in there blood born a snake confused of who’s predator or prey. Tag! Your it! Cops search my car never even asking for license or registration. Planted drugs punching me in my face leaving a trail of blood dripping drying up on my white T shirt. It was summer time 2007 or 08. I’m sorry… Life’s picnics and cookouts. Falling in love with the women of my dream there. Left me less options to have loved someone.

Or anyone…





The greatest love of all…

Vendetta money growing revenge!

.25 Acp

When I say stop.

You will not breath anymore.

A promise is a promise.

Haunting…. I know…..

No show will be aired today.

Just funeral arrangements.

A early morning wake.

As early morning breaks.

Hot heat surrounds me.

Taking me down town to be questioned.

It won’t work…

It never does…

I’m the mute…

The silent breath…

Mak 90

He came from out of the dark ally slowly like Poseidon rising out of the ocean.

He was pushing a baby stroller while the guys were working the corners.

No one paid attention to the man with this baby stroller till he unsheeted his gun from out of the stroller like he was taking out and picking up his new born baby.

The man with the stroller cocked his assault stick back and told those coner workers on the block “every body lay the fuck down!”

The guys on the block all complied with stroller man request. Except for one little piggy that tured and ran off selfishly not thinking of his comrades.

The man with the boom stick got nervous and sprayed them all exept the little piggy that ran off.

Now why would this little piggy run from a big bad wolf.


Respect The Photographer Before You…

Why are you smiling at him?

You better stop!

It makes him nervous.

The last time someone smiled at him. He shook there hand. Turned around and got flashed by a well manufactured camera.

When the picture came out of the poloriod camera. There was no one on it… Just blood on the pavement.

It’s nothing personal if your smiling. Just don’t smile at him. The last time someone smiled at him…

He got a camera pulled out on him and placed to his forehead. Only this time the camera didn’t flash…

He was in his jean pockets and took every thing he had. Never smile and show teeth to a man like him.

The last, last, last time he seen someone smiling at him… A dark colored car with dark tinted windows rode past him

Slowly. The passenger of the dark car rolled the window down and was grinning at him.

The dark colored car drove past him up to the end of the block On the corner. The man in the dark car hopped

Out of the passenger side of the car while pulling his ski mask down over his face in the middle of June.

He…. Ran up to him with camera set on automatic taking lots of pictures of him. Missing every shot as the one dodging

Then ducks in between two cars.. The shooter ran out of film and flees off on foot running up the block.

The shooter got no pictures of him…

Let me tell you something…

Don’t ever smile at a man who’s been through war and more…. The last, last, last, last time someone smiled at him…

Four guys with hoodies were walking down the block toward his car. The four guys had their hoodies pulled over their heads.

The man in the car could only see the top and bottom rows of one of the boys gold teeth.

Before the four boys could pull their cameras first and aim at the man in the car.

The man in the car leaned his seat back and reached behind the passengers seat quickly pulling out his camera like paparazzi ready for action.

Flash! Flash! Flash! Flash! Flash! Flash,flash! Flash! Flash, flash! The man in the car leaned I’m the window seal of

The car with his camera and took the pictures of three of the four boys attempting to take his picture.

The man in the car went looking for the last boy that got away around the town. He was very desperate to take his….

portraits perfectly….

Before the man in the car could get to the last boy that got away. A week later he found out on the streets that

The boy he was so desperately looking for… He found out that someone else took his picture.

Let me break it down for you. When you smile at a paranoid, shell shocked soldier who’s been in a mental casket for some years. Resurrected only when his camera goes flashing souls in captivity. Standing up and re walking through the past tense of cruel battles. He knows no happiness, no love, no relationships or friendships. All he know is how to take cameras apart, clean them, put them back together in seconds. Load it up with film and take nothing but head shots. Picture Perfect to the memory.

Please wipe your smiles away in the presence of a man like this…..



I’m From L.N.G. Part 2

Baltimore City is running out of yellow police tape and chalk making grow men run jumping gates.


If you do…. that’s your ass in a sandwich bag. Toes neatly tagged up by white cold rose men.


True blue and red, blue and red riding through the hood up beside you. Hungry and blood Thirsty nomes with helpers surrounding you. Taking whatever is reliable. Please… They don’t ask for license and registration. Never run off because they don’t do no chasing.


Explaining the other side of what you never see on t.v. Is hard for America to understand. A nine year old boy broke into a house. Stole a gun… Shooting every thing up. The poison they’re feeding yall. They’re feeding us…


Anybody on the street asks you a question or has a Hoody on over their heads. Don’t say anything back if they speak. This is my only warning. Mind your own… Keep on going!


Wet razor blades with crack  cocaine  residues. Chopping away at the eight ball on the glass table. All around…. Gunz are loaded. No Jehovah’s witnesses ever knock on these doors at ten in the morning or closest of closest kin will be morning.


Give me some air! All in a plastic bucket. So I can divide it amongst my brothers in company…

Only me…

Only us…


Real Gangsta Shit

Spoken from a O.G…..

I’m feed up with all the nonsence. You all need to wise up and have some sense. Not even a half of sense but a whole sense… Leave all this my color your color in the past tense. My block your block needs to stop. The only true enemy we have is the……


The decedent’s of the Black Panther Party, the Black Liberation Army. Political prisoners standing tall and strong. That’s the type of path we need to be on.


I’m not trying to preach to you all like Cyrus. This ain’t nomovie yet we are all warriors. We need to get money. Take care of our fellow brothers and sisters. Our beautiful families, community’s and so forth. Breaking us away from a imprisoned mind frame of thought that we live and pay rent in.

I’ve been with the gang since I was 14. I didn’t bang for a fashion statement. I didn’t bang to bring harm to civilians or the so called opposition. I started banging just so I could make a difference. To walk a strait path like the Black Panthers did.


I know retaliation is a must. I know your brother took out my cousin. We need to all strengthen our minds and misguided guide lines or we will face internal and external destruction. Extinction as well as others. We must all come together as one of us. Make millions… feed the poor and educate the uneducated children. We must take care of our women or queens and princess… single mothers and our brothers and sisters. Mr and Ms or Mrs…

All this senseless killing has to fucking stop and diminish. To you so called leaders, war chiefs, kings ,almightys, and omegas… to the so called original gangstaz. Folks or Peoples nation. Need to step up and sanction or snatch the flags or stars from there ranks or reputation.

Of the miss guided BGs… to… OYGs… or however yall ranks go…

We need to take a strong stand against the extinction of our loved ones. Black, latino, Hispanic, Asian, poor, whites that are in the same boat as us… color, religion, and gender…. The agenda is to be the majority and not what they call us….. minority’s! So Called……

Let’s teach on another what the true meaning of gang was and is supposed to mean..


So stand tall my brothers and sisters. Be gangsta enough to end the madness so we can all come together as one unified while making flags tie together a endeavor.

I have G love for all of you and yours and the future ones who walk through those doors. Let me make this my final call…

Every O.G. step up around the world…

Let’s make it!

Block Immortals

Someone wanted him dead but everyone was too scared to take his bounty. He found that crazy. In a city where people always get silenced for less than less. Violence to him is like a vacation for a week. He’s to use to its comfort like fresh bed sheets on a king size bed. Well known and well respected. Making all things stay in order never getting hectic. Very hospitable to the visine eyes with snipers as family ties. Think first before you put your finger on that guy or be baptized in bullets immediately. “Sleep in the sea or eat with me that’s your choice”. He said out his low tone voice. Please don’t shake the dice and snake eyes twice so go home to your girlfriend or wife or you can lose your life.


Why All The Negitivity Chris?

There no puppys and kittens and sunny days in the view of the lineing of my scopes target.

Friends become enemies… Enemies become disloyal… Disloyalty becomes death…

Nah not that pretty TV show death of a cherished character. The ugly kind of death.

The victim or whatever doesn’t come back to the set for a take two. Such a headache…

I’m not at all traumatized I’m more or less modernized because this TV show is often familiar to my peripherals.

Giving my true visions of life a bad rerun. For me to run…. Nah! Never! I’ll die where I stand.

I’ll live like a renegade than to live under paid. Yelled at by a boss that doesn’t even know your name or where your from or what it took for you to get there.

Two middle fingers painted gold raised up like Cee Low Green telling you that I could give a solid gold fuck about what or how you think of me.

Or what you suggest I do or how I should be… When a close friend of yours gets murdered beside you in your passenger seat by loud gun fire and you watch as he takes his last breath.

Give me a call!

Maybe then you will understand why my heart is so fucking far!

This piece is dedicated to Mannie Moons, lor ham, lor monkey, John john, black E, lor Aaron, grace, Man, Pusha, big toot, lor B, Noodles, Nolan No go, lor lee, lor X, Slink, Dot, Dirty A, midway pookie, lor Jerry, lor Ryan,  Kave man,  Jabbie, Red Dogg, hershey, lor Cey Cey, Darrell, lor dell, Wayne, Murda, B.L. , Emanuel, fish……. R.I.P to you all I’ll see you when I get there and if I didn’t mention your name in sorry it’s just to Damn many lives lost.