Cutt Out

When ties cut.
The fall will be

massive like.
Lies that touch

the lives of the gullible.
Pure, poor bastards

who also.
Took a life or took there own after…

Im not surprised.
To hear all the

guilt tripping.
Foot clipping.
Thoughts into

self doubt.
Heart breaking how.

You cant feel or hear any push of confidence.

Aggressively being

told that you will make it out…

With a hand full of sillys

and glitter Lillys. Pinching

your nerves, to see them

happy while you suffer.

Wanting nothing in life.

To not be toxic. To

toxic for wanting a friendship. Can’t even comprehend your

own insanity to begin with…..

Certified On All Sides Bitch

Till I D.I.E WEST SIDE fuxk those opinions There’s been a opioid Epidemic In the city’s,

Were my people Resigned aside Gentrification But when our Bodies drop We never even got mentioned, T

hey didn’t give A fuck,

No news, No propaganda Ask yourself this,

What black person You know own a Port with ships,

why When a collage Kid comes to The ghetto with His friends to get a hit, They get let go When cought With contraband,

We go to jail Bail revoked, nine postponed Trial dates, Fuck America Y’all made us This way And fuck you Coons,

Dancing for master Racism and Lynching still, Exist, but to Most it don’t even matter,

the world Rather focus On pro nouns And space Travel, Iphones and Shit, I’m pissed, to be frank I’m tired I can wait, Till this world is Purificate,

Burns All of there Ancestors sins away A blood line condemned Did, Fuck you, Fuck you If America was Litteraly The last pussy On earth,

I still wouldn’t Fuck you, You fucking Fools, Listen, His a history Lesson, For you disrespectful, Bitchs,

My ancestors Came from Africa, So what does That make me, How can I be Anti-Semitic When The Semitic one is me, What number Never changes in Shape,

The number 8, Fuck Instagram, To Those private Prisons the provide my niggaz to live in, funded By you company leaders, Facts!

Black Merc 0202-0-16

Lately I’ve been


My old structure

of strict militant ways.

Don’t know how

long before.

I’ll be consumed

by the flames.

The past be the


Glued stuck to my frustrated


Being bound to

something worst.

Confused that sometimes

the worst deeds can set you


Mind filthy, rotting away off

The bones of my

decaying last good memories.

Life’s snap shots of

seconds of smiles and laughter.

Then Jokes become


The laughter becomes


Reality kicks into

Dissipated smiles.

The heart is distantly

colder like a halleys Comet.

As I rapidly forget short

Small numbers and sentences.

I won’t die…

I’m dieing slowly along

the way.

Experiencing that first hand

failure to control crashing

Into ashes.

Warped feelings overdosed, lusting

for violence and gun powdery

children’s cereal.

Maybe inching instantly

towards a whole

solid insanity plea.

Watching humans devour there

nurturers and there nurtured.

A thick book deal guide through

corruption, scams,

set ups and confusion.

More and more I

Aggressively drift back

into that.

Predictably same facial

expression that never changes.

No matter the emotion, excitement

Happyness of whatever

Joy is.

My face will always look

The exact same.

My face stays stuck trying

to comprehend.

Why everyone looks

at me like I’m a stone.

Maybe I am one to

Think of.

I fail the try outs…

Then become more

upset that I pathetically try to hard.

Or is just never close

To enough.

All humans are born with

A heart’s worth of emotions.

Yes that is fact…

What do you call a human

That has to program there self to?

Feel it….

Or know when to receive it…

Reciprocate it in a way to

Trust the other.

Note that it’s not always

Out to break you or kill you.

From the inside out…

I feel less and less emotions

like when I was younger.

My emotions are plumiting

Stocks all over again.

A very bad investment…

Back to who I was not

supposed to been.

The rebirth of chaos is

about to began.

I can feel it..

It’s me…

I am chaos…

The second coming…

Is on the way…

Free Us…

So we will be one with our former self…

The form of a poker face…

Dead from With in…

The Black Mercury……..

Putter There

Does Life keep you down? Don’t worry! Just put on your best happy!



Can’t get a decent job! From past court cases!


Just put on a happy!





You need to be loved! You want a companion! You can’t even stand!



Put on a happy!




Christmas is coming! Thanksgiving to! Not one thanks from those! Unappreciative souls!













Praying for help! Only to be left by yourself! No hands make contact alone in this world…

Broke the home with in self! I still have flash backs no relief from disasters! I still catch nightmares! Like fire flys finally reaching happiness!

Rising up off the couch sweating!




Surrounded by demons of these imaginary friends…








Shootings at high capacity, atrocious to civilians… Meteor showers that lasted for hours top mileage!


The mayor declared a cease fire! That just ment a break! For actions to subside. For a week or less. I was the opposite of……. Not a maniac? A disciple of seeing my enemys! Bleed to death at there last supper! Now surrounded by a new breed of cowards!

With no respect for perfect aim………



It’s indisputable that I am a King!

I know I know…

I am one of the worst fuck ups…

A fuck up…

Sleeping in hellish-ly peace……………

My Tribe

If life was a sucker punch…

You caught me off guard…

I still stand…

Songs say I was a pirate…

I went against my own government…

Under general to rise assembly…

My people will live…

This isn’t a gang!

Political bitches and bastards…

This is were the last tribe remains…

You could never stop us…

There will be always some one stronger…

To take my place…



On the other hand!



I drank Brest milk from a firm…


The land of tribes…

Just like tribe in new time…

Territory advised by chief’s of war…

Cooking up newsletter letters…

Up grading the steering wheel of stereotypes…

Throwing the blind off its strong senses…

They show us off as the villains…

So they turn our uncles, mothers and fathers…

To political prisoners…




Huey Newton, Larry Hoover, Walter Wheat, Mickey Cogwell, Jeff Fort, Bunchy Carter, Assata Shakur, Marcus GARVEY, Malcolm X, T Rogers, Tookie William’s and etc etc etc….


With out them…

There would have never been a me…

Hood preaching, teaching the youth…

To be truth in whatever you do…

Have respect, manners and strength in morals…

Speak your mind…

Most importantly!

Never back down from shit!

No your rights as a us citizen!

You are not a fucking minority!

To all my little ones and shorrtys…


If you divided to go a different route…

Muslim or whatever…

Just no I will always be her…

Our tribe isn’t a gang…

So let me educate you…


Freeze Tag With Cold Blood Vessels

“The greatest love of all”!

A song that replays over and over in my mind till this day.  Never thinking that I would be alive to say. Times then we’re unimaginably rugged. Counting prayer beads. One by one around my hand between my fingers till I felt clean. Loading up a sawn off twelve gage. There is no need to know the rest. Day by day exploding inner stress turned to P. T. S. D.

Unfitting with vowels like A’s. Always living a Z to them… Trying to be an A was not the way for me in those days. Even turning the blind narcoleptic women into a sharp shooter. So her defense is Never penitrated by any cruel man or any savage women. Love doesn’t live behind these walls only the scared. Violation of snakes turning into what they eat. Like rabbits that run and rats with cut out tongues.

Becoming what is in there blood born a snake confused of who’s predator or prey. Tag! Your it! Cops search my car never even asking for license or registration. Planted drugs punching me in my face leaving a trail of blood dripping drying up on my white T shirt. It was summer time 2007 or 08. I’m sorry… Life’s picnics and cookouts. Falling in love with the women of my dream there. Left me less options to have loved someone.

Or anyone…





The greatest love of all…

Vendetta money growing revenge!