Two Deadly Yet Equal A True Lovers Pastence

“A Throw Back From 2017″



The Real Bonnie and Clyde…

The untold story…

Me and her were two bullets in a chamber of a 9mm. Never jamming the gun. She sat on the bed yelling to the kids running late for school. “Lets make it!”making them move faster before they left out the house.

I was on the floor with my back to the bed right by her feet. Caramel skinned complexion toes I wanted to bite. I sat on the floor counting money and putting it in the laundry basket so I can get ready to leave. She knew I still had beef with the guys up the street. They all knew that this little lady was just as tough and as dangerous as me.

She sat on the bed humming the song she likes. Loading a machine bullet after bullet. Placing each one slowly in the clip with a Newport cigarette at the end of her lips dropping ashes on the tattoo on her hip. Burgundy bandana tied around her head and a burgundy bandana around the back of the barrel next to the trigger.

God! She was as thorough as they came. My true equal finally I’ve met my match. I got up and through my burgundy and black North face jacket on. Before leaving out of the spot she looked at me with her hazel eyes with a sad expression on her face and said. “Daddy be careful out there because you know it’s hot.”

I replied back saying. “Not as hot as you are lamb chop, please make sure you hold down the spot.” she said to me. “Just call me if something goes wrong and I’ll pop up and spray the damn block up.” She would with no conscience to… I said back to her after giving her a kiss on the lips. “Don’t worry about me babe I got this thing on lock”

I was 23 and she was 27 and I kept a burgundy bandana folded up in my back right pocket with her Nick name on it….











There is a very real untold story behind this…..

Mak 90

He came from out of the dark ally slowly like Poseidon rising out of the ocean.

He was pushing a baby stroller while the guys were working the corners.

No one paid attention to the man with this baby stroller till he unsheeted his gun from out of the stroller like he was taking out and picking up his new born baby.

The man with the stroller cocked his assault stick back and told those coner workers on the block “every body lay the fuck down!”

The guys on the block all complied with stroller man request. Except for one little piggy that tured and ran off selfishly not thinking of his comrades.

The man with the boom stick got nervous and sprayed them all exept the little piggy that ran off.

Now why would this little piggy run from a big bad wolf.



This ain’t no spelling bee… Spelling my name out of your mouth won’t get you close to me. My history’s consistency started with small timing off of the Avenue.

A collage of car after car started to make me sea sick. Up on Blvd is where the broads never turned off tricks. Prices were negotiated from leaning on the cars window seal then she would hop in.

Quick trips to the liquor store hoping that they don’t close the door.



Now me and the guys got to pile up in the van on to the other side where the late bar would be still standing. Fast forward to a deadly shotting in front of the late liquor bars doors shutting the bar down for good.

There were more and more and more shoot outs later. Left 75% of my good nature gone up in the gun smoke of my patience. Sometimes I even ended up a hospital patient.

The girls around my way stay in drama. Plotting and scheming on the next man with big dollars. Can’t tell them nothing to save them. They just get angry, causing a scene saying things like “Don’t try to control me”!

Later on seeing her day after day getting lighter and dry coughing more. Now a fighter of H.I.V…. You know…. that house in Virginia. Just to fuck man after man because he has more bandz.

I just could never understand…

If the kids starved. They robbed and stole. As the gotten older they were stronger and boulder. Now all of them on the run from the F.B.I….

You shoot me I shoot you back! The whole neighborhood owned fire for their hands. You could never tell them that black on black crime is foolishness. They ain’t going to sit to death. They ain’t going to die no matter who it is!

Retaliation done took the lives of most groups this year. More R.I.P. tattoo’s this year.


Welcome To My Block

Welcome to my world where being artificial can get you toe tagged with the quickness. Twenty something guys on one corner outside in the rain trying to boost there profit margins. Honorable men coming home from the state pen trying to change. Misunderstood at job interviews so they turn to armed robbery for a meal and to pay bills. Vacant apartments and houses for miles decaying on the inside out. The city just leaves them there and doesn’t tare them down. Where young girls become solicit and teenage boys become killers. Active house raids… Flash bang grenades… New born baby’s catching strays… These memories never fade. Welcome to my world where gang violence can make civilians a target… Flags flying red,blue and black… You better take that shit off! Hearing gun fire from fully auto’s and semis every half hour. Hearing helicopters hovering over you every hour. Seeing bodies in the streets is a everyday problem. The Crazy part is the kids perceive all of this. Hell… I was 5 years old when I seen my first murder and it damn sure wasn’t my last. Being hungry waiting on your next meal waiting for your next meal can make you lose faith. So you will sell your soul just to smell a hot steak. Need I say more…