Taking A Smooth Walk Through Insanity Park

My city is wild. If your attemting suicide just go stand outside.

I swear that there should be a law against who should have kids. When I stepped in her house she was smoking weed in front of them.

These kids will grow into teenagers. Very curious in thought. You… As a mother telling your sons and daughters not to do drugs and then go to school and get caught.

He Ran up to the window of the car. With his hoodie on… Stuck the gun inside the window. Flashing on his own kinfolk.

School after school after school… The are shutting down. Making Google there only teaching tool.

We go to jail just to have a guarantied place to eat and sleep. Honestly to me personally. Prison is safer than being on the streets.

He said… “I’m going to kill you if you ever cheat on me!”

She said… “I’m going to kill you if you ever cheat on me!”

The truth is that both of them are cheating on each other. Days later…. One of them kills the other.

You can get guns and drugs here quicker than you can get a job.

Home invasions with no patience . They left the family dead of who they robbed.

He sat there on the edge of his sofa. Spinning the cylinder of his revolver. Telling the Lord that he’s sorry. The next day… Shot and killed by police. Caught on a robbing spree. Now the end… All of this was for rent and food for his kids to eat. There are way more chapter’s to these story’s. Chapters that will make you think real deep.


The Unsuccessful Ending Of What Wasn’t Written (100th

It was a hot summer day. I was sitting out front on the stoop of a vacant apartment on North and Mc Choullah when a masked gentleman approach me quickly coming out from around the corner.

I was cool… He pulled his heater out and it was already summer. In my mind I was thinking if it’s my time then it’s my time. The tall gentleman hesitated to pull the trigger. Well at first…

I told the gentleman that was holding the pistol by the corner of my right eye calmly to pull the fucking trigger. He was shaking and hesitated some more then I shouted out. Shoot me! What the fuck are you waiting for dummy!

He was surprised… I could tell by his movements and his pupils when I turned towards him. Looking him in the eyes that were glassy and red through his ninja type mask that you can by from any corner store in the city.

He look like he was high and needed some visine and a cheeseburger or some shit. Anyway! The guy with the gun to my head was rather in shock or he was a trigger virgin. Either way I kept my cool.

He was shaking hard to the point I could hear the guns inner parts raddling. Tink tink tink… Hahahaha… The guy was frozen and didn’t say a word. He then closed his eyes for a second. Opened his eyes back up cocking his steal.

When he cock the rusty gun back I could hear exactly what happen from my own personal experiences. The gun jammed by two bullets going in the chamber of his cheap America made appliance. His gun was done unless he had a butter knife or something and sometime on his hands.

The gentleman was standing there feet to the right of me trying to fix his gun by simultaneously cocking the gun. Oh my god this dummy is trying to fix his gun in broad daylight in the middle of a already shitty execution attempt. I kind of felt bad for this kid.

True story! I couldn’t hold it and laught at him with a group of light chuckles spilling from myself. Oh this guy was panicking…. He then yelled out loud… Fuckk! He could finish what he started or fix the problem he had. Then he turned around and run across the street through the cut to the alleyway. I said to myself…. What the fuck…. Did anybody see this hilarious show.

I continued to open my bad of corn chips and chomp away…

The moral of this is… If it was meant to be that my brains would have been on the vaccents brick wall. There is no way you can change what is written for you….

Block Immortals

Someone wanted him dead but everyone was too scared to take his bounty. He found that crazy. In a city where people always get silenced for less than less. Violence to him is like a vacation for a week. He’s to use to its comfort like fresh bed sheets on a king size bed. Well known and well respected. Making all things stay in order never getting hectic. Very hospitable to the visine eyes with snipers as family ties. Think first before you put your finger on that guy or be baptized in bullets immediately. “Sleep in the sea or eat with me that’s your choice”. He said out his low tone voice. Please don’t shake the dice and snake eyes twice so go home to your girlfriend or wife or you can lose your life.


Just Doing What Needs To Be Done

The mind is not a plate for you to waste or misplace so don’t make no mistakes. Packing vans up when you ride out. Watching out for time out. Windows tinted with a screw driver in the ignition. Their on a mission. I guess you can call them the teachers of order that will be given. Place your bets and see who’s going to turn first. Spinning like a dradle, dradle, dradle…

Nah! They don’t play yo… This ain’t basic tv this is cable. He moved to soon and got a hole in his stomach like a navel. Quick thinking because they don’t retreat. All the options are violent dimming street lights on the beat.

Your spinal cord got ignored by the doctor because you didn’t have any insurance. Paralizing you… sterilizing you… Killing offspring like the summer time blossoming a deadly alliance between two vicious giants.

They had to hide all of there kitchen wear so they wouldn’t get cooked. In the back of the back listening to “Mobb Deeps ain’t know such thing as half way crooks”. Scared to death with bullet proof vests on there chests like a iron shirt. Blocking the speed of sound as the shells hit the ground.

War junkies… They mixed up gun powder and white rubbing it in there gums to live all night to fight for a peaceful cause till unequal walls barricaded the streets blocking off all that is deep and the sounds of boots marching in like troops then a great escape ensues. Over the rivers and through the woods popping out of the sewers with dark hoods. Turning all that bread into baked goods so their family’s wouldn’t be hungry anymore.

Crown Me or Drown Me

I gave it all away! All of it! Money, drugs, drinking, target practice and war tactics yet I still have the worst of the worst dreams. I’ve completly done the 360 like you’ve asked me to do. why do I feel like I’m on life support? A half dead vegetable. I still remain with the remains of old war trophies with no real gains. My body will never be the same from all the wounds and the severed nerve pains.

What was this change all for? I feel like I’m on acid trying to open my door. Struggling…. Only to realize the whole time I was on the floor. I’ve done it all exept reach this thing called happiness. Instead there was just more anxiety, disappointments and criticism of how I was used to living. Ive changed just to drown in the waters of the deep. Only to see there was no crown waiting for me. They say… Still I have to believe…

Putting The Fire Out With Gasoline

I’m a stone that can’t be moved. I’m the lie that silenced the truth. I’m the figment of your imagination making you question your sanity. I’m the reason you gotten rushed to the E.R…. Don’t play with me.

When rough times blew through I stood in the snow with my bare feet. I turned red wine into heat and built a house out of the street.

I never ran from my responsibilities and I made a lot of enemies. My morals are made out of solid gold plus I stuck to the G code.

I’ll take a stand when all you do is criticize while sitting down in a chair built from your own negitivity.

The rain was cold and the front of my boots were shitty from all the ass I’ve kicked. In the past I’ll admit that I was the last person who you wanted to pick a fight with.

Carnage was the degree I mastered in. I cut the umbilical cord from my mother of mayhem. To be reborn into a life of walking in a strait path.

You know honestly I can’t lie. I feel like my transformation is conflicting with my  patience. Making me feel like maybe I just never changed at all…

Welcome To My Block

Welcome to my world where being artificial can get you toe tagged with the quickness. Twenty something guys on one corner outside in the rain trying to boost there profit margins. Honorable men coming home from the state pen trying to change. Misunderstood at job interviews so they turn to armed robbery for a meal and to pay bills. Vacant apartments and houses for miles decaying on the inside out. The city just leaves them there and doesn’t tare them down. Where young girls become solicit and teenage boys become killers. Active house raids… Flash bang grenades… New born baby’s catching strays… These memories never fade. Welcome to my world where gang violence can make civilians a target… Flags flying red,blue and black… You better take that shit off! Hearing gun fire from fully auto’s and semis every half hour. Hearing helicopters hovering over you every hour. Seeing bodies in the streets is a everyday problem. The Crazy part is the kids perceive all of this. Hell… I was 5 years old when I seen my first murder and it damn sure wasn’t my last. Being hungry waiting on your next meal waiting for your next meal can make you lose faith. So you will sell your soul just to smell a hot steak. Need I say more…

Stop The Cycle And Live Forever

Look at me now… I’ve risen past all the gang signs and gun smoke as an original in my neighborhood. Hanging out of the passenger seat window of my comrades Cadillac stacking deadly hand symbols with my fingers twisting letting the other side know my tribes existence and where I’m from. I Understand that my brotherhood is misunderstood by the media and people in suburbs but all we really want is peace. Prison door slam hard locking me in was my realty. Working out in the weight pit every five days to stay fit against my oppositions and enemy’s. When it was time for release from the belly of the beast I stepped through threshold and I seen my guy waiting for me. Peace in each other with a secret hand shake. We were all we had and that was our way of embracing it.                                                                                                                                                                                                One thing I can always say is the streets will always except a man like me. In any neighborhood and any city. The honorable G… The seventh alphabet and if I died today no one can ever take my place. I ain’t proud at all about this. Many of my closest friends and family’s lives were taken away from me. Look! There is nothing at all to glorify about this except that I’m still breathing. If there is a better route for you.. take it!  Please! Kids listen to me! You don’t ever want to be a gangsta. This shit ain’t no t.v. or the game G.T.A… So be whatever you want to be in life. Just don’t be a G…


From day one you were a positive influence on me and that’s fact. Please don’t let no one tell you different. Watching you when I was growing up was like watching a mob movie except you were really a good fella. Know hello’s or good byes you were like a clean pair of tennis shoes the way you kept the streets tied. When I spoke to you, you always replied in confidence with no lies. You never taught me how to play baseball or football outside but you taught me things that couldn’t be learned in no school or in books or even if google existed back then. I still wouldn’t have known if you wouldn’t have taught me then. You where my mentor, either or. When life was rough to me you taught me how to fight back. When I had no food to eat you told me you’d be right back. when I got put out in the streets you showed me you had my back. You were there when no one else was and through the dark alley’s in hells pockets of the city you often gave me a light to navigate and terminate my biggest fears. Thanks to you I fear nothing and no one. Thanks to you I was the nails to many coffins of those with sharp tongue’s. Thanks to you I never starved. Thanks to you, you made me believe there’s a God. Thanks to you I could rest easily. Thanks to you I had confidence in myself and all my plans went breezy.
I remember all of those days in the rain, I was a walking shame. A plane crashed into my mind and seperated us forever. Nah I dont think so never. As long as you have a voice I will listen and as long as I have a choice I will make some visits. You can continue to bless my ears with your knowledge. No school or college for us we majored in street-olidgy and we graduated with our masters in urban combat and street politics and economic’s. No fraudulence or faking so take this to your grave sir. Youre the man who made me who I am today sir.
I am strong now because of you!