Cutt Out

When ties cut.
The fall will be

massive like.
Lies that touch

the lives of the gullible.
Pure, poor bastards

who also.
Took a life or took there own after…

Im not surprised.
To hear all the

guilt tripping.
Foot clipping.
Thoughts into

self doubt.
Heart breaking how.

You cant feel or hear any push of confidence.

Aggressively being

told that you will make it out…

With a hand full of sillys

and glitter Lillys. Pinching

your nerves, to see them

happy while you suffer.

Wanting nothing in life.

To not be toxic. To

toxic for wanting a friendship. Can’t even comprehend your

own insanity to begin with…..

Devoured Compass

As I sit here.


Burning incense



I don’t burn

This place down.


Burn statistics.


No notice.


I noticed I was

Burning inside.


My burning desire

To finish off what

I started.


No Not that…


He that has burned ashs.


I’m the reincarnation

Of not who I was

In the pastence.





Coarse faces!


Into a blazing

Mistaken glory!


Made a Mess!


Burning some

Of the rest

Of .


The demons.


I possess

A ominous


Of office.


Offing some on



Bulbs blown

Burned out.


I am the sin

You always

Dream about.


How delicious

I am to saints…….