Love Thy Prisoners


Moss grows on my tears


I seriously have no fears

When touched

I will kill you

The insaine, sain

Saint In my

Own way

I can go every place that

You can’t

Leaving a path in your

Silent rants

Talk if you feel

It will change how

I feel

I feel nothing

Yet I’m reasonable

See that target over there

If you can shoot that bee

From here

You disrespected me

In front of my peers


let you live

He missed

I didn’t

The target


In front of a crowd of



Lol ,Well, Hypothetically speaking

Just let me be


At sixteen

I bought a Mac 10

A bullet proof vest

Level 13


Remember when so n so

Fucked me over


My love and loyalty

Said bad things about my mother

Over and over I believe

Well the jury should have called me


Cause I told them

“It wasn’t me”






My reflection


I don’t give a fuck

I live to survive

I will permanently shut you up

Although I ain’t proud

Of the shoes I once worn

I dream every night about

Old things that I’ve done

Things that happened in the war

The war in the streets

Not that patriot bullshit

I don’t stick my nose in

Other folks affairs

I don’t believe in calling everyone

Not “Cathilic” or “Christian”

A terrorist

All this shit

When America can

Dropping bombs on

Holy Mosqes, family’s and small children

let me kill someone in self-defense

I’ll get a thousand yes

No damn picket fence

From the judge with no regrets

Called a no good gangster

With no regards for human steps

Fuck the judge

Plus those american ways of political respect

Fuck all the times

I was young and the police beat my ass

Black privileged

With the privelge of being disrespected

I’ll die for what I belive in

Till freedom becomes our true blessing

I don’t give a damn who hates me

I don’t preach hate behind a podium

Let’s lock in behind prison doors

The ones you put us in

I fucking bet you won’t go toe to toe with him

Him is me

Him don’t give a damn if him bleeds or can’t breath

Come get me

I will kill you






That Day









Truck crashed

It wasn’t no drive by

No hide by

Walk downs including

Outer space

Blown out of the space

The thoughts were in

Trials and tribulations

Force hands to bury

A non matching gang sign


If it never happend

The shooters

Small family would have


Mercedes Benz property

Raw sex with fate unpredictable

Call your local psychic

She wouldn’t have never



Chest pieces went missing

Off the board

Simon says

Whoever pulled that trigger

Is alive till this day






Free Now No Never Found

A silver damsels in distress.

Dipping silver bullets into the craniums whom took her.

Her favorite son, done, chopped down weeds all over streams.

Bloody marry the red rum, red rum.

Leaving knowns with no burial.

The sensational hybrid assassin.

Sand blasting faces with the eraser.

Someones tipped off…

Caused a ticked off…

Reaction that spread laws everywhere.

She won…

The wild fire lost…



C. Murder

233pounds solid!

Ready to get bloody…

I’ll tango with anybody…


Gently the giant…

Insecurities of the heart left vonerable…

It only takes one tap to defeat my defiance…


The gentle giant…

Someone once called me…

Elderly lady broken up my frowning…


Gently the giant…

He hit his kid in public…

He used a closed fist…


“My brothers told me chill…”

“Let it go cuz that’s not your kid!”

I couldn’t ignore my feelings…

I hit him in public…


With a closed fist…

I went to jail for it…

The kid has to live with it…


“Stay strong kiddo…”


Thee Gentle giant…

Picking on the weak huh…

How bout you pick on me…


This knife in my pocket is…

Waiting to meet you…

Let’s call it a splitting interview…


“Gently the giant…”

The cobra skinner. Milked danger for venom. Then drank that shit after dinner…

“Out of a champaign glass…”

Locking in with killers on any cell block. Stay off the top bunk. Or I will block your dismissal…

“Scud Missile!”

I was the silent child that… Was often left with silent crys… Salmonella bacterial violent….

“Yall made me this way!”


Stuck trying to figure out if… Murder is in my chromosomes…


I was an invention held in the womb…


“For 8 in a half long months!”


Then I came home. I didn’t cry or speak so they teased me. Tryed to get me help… 6 years old doing inkblot tests…


“Johns Hopkins said…”


There’s nothing wrong with me. I’m just highly intelligent. Grown up in chaos. Prone to explode and annihilate.


“Blacking out for loves attention!”


What is it to be normal?

How can I be that way?

Stay away from the public?

Try to hide the death and pain?


Five years old picking brains and teeth off my shirt… Long story from long ago.. Mentally fucked by a horror show…


At the same time…

The gentle giant became the head…

Of the lions…

Thee Gentle giant…

Operating by decisions…

Decisions to sit in between Hell and Hope…




Chief of my own form of justice!

Thee Gentle giant!


Make Believing

Ya I smoke ya!

Putting the cigarette out…

Riddle me this…


Love ran out…

Wasn’t no one’s falt…

Lies came in…


Took a plane…

To the vault…

Then I planted money trees…


Riddle me that…

House on roller skates…

Expensive “Giorgio Armani…”


Places far far away…

No map is designed for…

Sleeps in bed rock “Twist Twist…”


Riddle me this…

Expired date 2/17/08…

Cracking pyramids in there wake…


Riddle me that…

No license ever touched…

I swam to the other hand of the map…


Spider bagging…

Feet taping…

Phone tapped by the Pentagon…


Riddle me this…

7,000$ To 820,000 In 2 years…

They said it was only 250,000…


Riddle me that…

What the black suits thought I did…

I really didn’t do, but I wont snitch…


Even if Im facing 20,000,000 years…


“Hey! Do you like riddles?” Ok then listen………

Sence beepers, pay phones and collect calls… Do you except the charges… Hell Naw! Spoke in riddles over jail phones… Wrote in riddles on on magazine subscriptions…

Packages arrived ON TIME at the abando-minium down the street. Binoculars watched the wrong house to the last left…

Rich now!

Off bagels, white tees and onions… Eyes in the skys couldn’t even witness after 5 or 11 o,clock… Million man March on a foot chase till one lost in that race…

Bags throw in a lake by the dolphins statium… Retrieved by the guys on the other side of the boarder…..

Young as fuck…

Can you solve this?






Brand New #2

(Now! Before I start… I just want to say.. I am not perfect… Yet I’m very fair and I pay close attention…)




The title of this is….

“Minnie Riperton”

I don’t have webbed feet. Finding myself by the Bay. I’m always swimming…

I’m verry good at seeing through the dirtiest prisms. It’s hard to float when I’m always weighed down by desicions.

Way down in the lower level part of the homicide buildings. They mentioned my government name in two separate murder killings.

From 2007 and 08… charges didn’t stick…

True or false? Everything I write is truth. Everyone I try to connect with is false.


Just like love doesn’t live here anymore. Neather do true lies and the fables they live in. I think it’s funny how…. Well… I’ve been the so called bad guy from 13 years old… To maybe 28 or so… I’ve always treated women and the women I loved with respect! Always though!

Those days…

Those days…

Those days…

I was a completely different person…

Most house holds I’ve lived in. There was always abuse. Even on both sides! Even mentally made to feel less than. Please… Don’t ask me why. Yet at the same time. I knew exactly what was going on.Till I got a little bigger and older.

Did something that I won’t regret. I didn’t want to see no more abuse ever! I saw this man beating his girlfriend up badly… I was furious! I didn’t want to get involved at the same time though. Then I said… Fuck all that! Bottom line is. Enyone can end up in this situation of abusive relations.

Male or female!

Being a prisoner in your own damn home! I was tought a little by self and alot by my grandparents. To alway love and care for your….

I say…….

Your women!

I always have… Yet sometimes you can be taken for granted and thats the red flag hitting you in the damn head! Me… I’m not bragging at all so please don’t think of this like I am. My self esteem is at its lowest right now so. Even if I wanted to brag. I couldn’t…

Anyways… I’ve never been dumped or told to just leave. Realizing I was always the one taking up for everyone else but who ever took up for me?