Cutt Out

When ties cut.
The fall will be

massive like.
Lies that touch

the lives of the gullible.
Pure, poor bastards

who also.
Took a life or took there own after…

Im not surprised.
To hear all the

guilt tripping.
Foot clipping.
Thoughts into

self doubt.
Heart breaking how.

You cant feel or hear any push of confidence.

Aggressively being

told that you will make it out…

With a hand full of sillys

and glitter Lillys. Pinching

your nerves, to see them

happy while you suffer.

Wanting nothing in life.

To not be toxic. To

toxic for wanting a friendship. Can’t even comprehend your

own insanity to begin with…..

To Sock a Cucumbers

Life is a scrimmage
Getting ready to pull

pop! pop! pop!

Non stop!

How to shoot
Then lay low from!

Your brutality!

Like hiding a stain
On gradma couch…

You cant!

You know
She going to
Find it!

As you do!

The word already
Got out!

For the law to
Come get you!

You better hope
They find you…

Before the streets

Your shoes
In the dumpster…

What did your
feet do!

Your crew is
a qazine
Best served


Your real

So you stand on
Your ten
toes comfortable!

You will always

The sewing
Machines of
Other Dumbfounders
Like you!

Found when!

Family can’t
Guide you
Or hide you!

Broken the very
Definition of…

It means to
be a real gangster…

For one…

Family always
Comes first!

You run to help
Your community
To breath!

Those in need!

Don’t take from
Someone doing
Just as bad as

If you going
To do it…

Steal from
The system’s
Branch corporate

Ain’t no honors
Amongst black

Any theives!

Come together like
Gum under your

You broken the

Roc a bye baby…

There was no soon
For you…

Salt and Mud

You left me stranded

So I drowned in
Gun fire, Jack Daniels
And 40oz”s

Drama, flying saucers
Bullets lost in
brick walls


In house furniture
Sold out slugs

Copper tops tree top

Cookie cutters

My Dimu called
Them bookie

Like he
Had a speech

Thats just Blood

Raised hell
A bit

To intelligent

In a cell a bit

Letters never
Sent never

They were

Never sent
A letter back

The child
That was once
Beaten blue

Brused for
For nothing

By you

Clutching a belt
Shaped as a “U”

And unfaithful like


I stay absent

Like you


(A Oldiiiieee)


I just came to believe that words can kill. Negative criticism sucks!

I try to act like what people say doesn’t bother me. Truthfully it does.

I cant lie in hordes to myself! Hold my head high!

The things people can say can crush you! Before you even know you’ve been tarnished!

Laugh off insults… You know what I mean!

When some one says something mean to you in a joking way. You just sit there and laugh it off.

Knowing it just put a bullet hole in you. The mental scares that words can open.

One that no Band-Aid or gauze can cover up.

Sealing up the wound. I found out that…

Even when people so called joke with you.

It hurts…

Let’s face it!

There is always some truth in a joke. Like a drunk persons quotes.

I just laugh it off though. When really I want to get angry snapping on the inside!

I’m way weaker than I ever thought… I really don’t care what people say about me.

Who am I kidding words hurt!
You don’t understand the damage.

You don’t have to hit me or shoot me to hurt me… You don’t have to talk about my problems out loud like its a big joke…

You don’t have to smile and laugh at my discomfort… Stop and think before you say something to someone!






If I get mad… Then all of the sudden…

I’m the bad guy! You don’t even realize you made me this way!

All because you wanted to so called make jokes. Well Im not joking!

I’m not fucking laughing! So miss me with your weak jokes!

horrible quotes!
Miss me I quote…




(An older post)


Automatic shots fired…Cleansing to my soul…

Teflon words bullet proof verbs and magazines filled with rose petals.

Chock back aim in shoot!

When tears fell the whole city went silent after the last shell casing hit the ground.

Have a great day and paint your face with another tattoo tear because now you are a man with more regrets.

My Cuddle Buddy

A dime piece shined stepping out of the shower. Putting a towel around her upper chest and another towel she used to dry her hair with. It’s 10 degrees outside and the blizzard is not the only thing that’s coming tonight. I’m sitting comfortably. High off what I see feeling like I got hand warmers in my burgandy and grey sweat pants.

Thank the Lord my shorty left the bathroom door open so I can see all that is mine. All that is fine. All that is divine. Good God! My suger baby is a goddess! She was looking in the bathroom mirror drying and fixing her long curly red hair only to put it in a ponytail. She can feel my eyes scanning and lotioning her body down before she even laid down. She looked out the corner of her left eye and said “baby…. Why you looking at me like that”. I said to her… I think you know why.


A beautiful pink butter fly burst out of its cacoon making my seasonal directions riot soon. A platoon of tingly feelings March up the back of my neck. You aroused me with just a blink while small liquid dots come down your soft silky skin making me weak in the knees like the S.W.V. song. I just want to touch you all over your wet body when I unwrap the brown towel from around you then put ya feel up and eat ya sweets up.


I looked out the window from the black recliner to see slow snow flakes dropping from the cloudy nights sky. Then I heard her towel drop to the floor and I slowly looked to the left to see her body’s natural glow. I want some bad but I know I got to be a good boy and wait. Naked and oily from her blue berry scented body oil she began to walk over to the bed and put on her red tee shirt…. Damn I love it when she puts on that cut up red tee shirt exposing her thick curves and her bright desirables the perfect image of God’s gratest creation…..

She was driving me crazy and she knew how to put the petal to the metal and work the hell out of the stirring wheel. She then slipped under the thick white puffy blanket and I watched her turn away from me in the bed with a slight devious smirk facing the bathroom. I thought to myself for a second and self agreed that we should get undressed and get in the bed with her.

She said to me “baby I want it in me now”. So I said… Hold up and let me hit the kitchen and get some water first then I’m going to come back and put that ass to bed. She then said to me “Hurry up please daddy”. I walked down stairs to the kitchen and went to the fridge, pulled out the jug of water and poured it into the cup and drank it. I then put the food that was left out on the stove back into the fridge and the jug of water too. It only took me a minute to get back up the stairs and into the room where my little snow bunny was waiting for me. I hoped into the soft bed with my lady. Got closer and closer till I was behind her and then……… I heard her lightly snoring. Damn! Obviously she’s had a long day at work So I left her to sleep. Ain’t that a bitch. Well in a way I guess I did put her to bed.


I’m From L.N.G. Part 2

Baltimore City is running out of yellow police tape and chalk making grow men run jumping gates.


If you do…. that’s your ass in a sandwich bag. Toes neatly tagged up by white cold rose men.


True blue and red, blue and red riding through the hood up beside you. Hungry and blood Thirsty nomes with helpers surrounding you. Taking whatever is reliable. Please… They don’t ask for license and registration. Never run off because they don’t do no chasing.


Explaining the other side of what you never see on t.v. Is hard for America to understand. A nine year old boy broke into a house. Stole a gun… Shooting every thing up. The poison they’re feeding yall. They’re feeding us…


Anybody on the street asks you a question or has a Hoody on over their heads. Don’t say anything back if they speak. This is my only warning. Mind your own… Keep on going!


Wet razor blades with crack  cocaine  residues. Chopping away at the eight ball on the glass table. All around…. Gunz are loaded. No Jehovah’s witnesses ever knock on these doors at ten in the morning or closest of closest kin will be morning.


Give me some air! All in a plastic bucket. So I can divide it amongst my brothers in company…

Only me…

Only us…


K.C. Ain’t In Charge No More…

Jelly fish!



Always ready to dip…

Bailing on your family…

Bailing on your comrades…

A strawberry has more heart than you!

A creation waisted in his image!

To most!

Lord forgive me…

Your image is a kitten in a bears body!

Dread locks that grow from a cowards falling crown…

When we needed you….

You came around late when you wanted to!

Now tables turn into I told you so…

Know you need us to replenish you whole…

We never showed…

Now you know how it sounds to hear the dial tone!

Them Power Pellets

M. D. M. A.                                                      I need you to take my mind away. I want you to put my mood in a better place. When you don’t hug me with warm and tingles.

I want to kill myself along with the long conversations I had with me. Stay with me Ecstasy! Live in my system forever.

Make endless love in me last. I’ll drink plenty of water. Liquids containing vitimin C.

All to enhance the quality time between you and me. I took you in like my medicine. Leaving me in the room by myself with glasses on at night vibes amazing listening to loud music.

Playing the same song on repeat repetitively. Feeling a inner love like yours is a powerful force field around my anti social. Bunny rabbits like thumper talking softly to a young fawn like Bambi.

That was just those strippers Mandy and sandy. I don’t fucking remember. The broad with the dorsal fin hair style with pink braid extentions.

Trying to get a hold of my lucky charms of all colors and different shapes. If or when you find her. She will be your best date.

Till your decease day. Dating the hating demons dancing around the dark shadows of your room. Do you see them?

Do you!



The mad side the sad side… Anger! A phoenix rises from the ashes of my enemies as I rage on and break my slavery chains of passion, camouflaged in sheep clothing  as I take control over your mind and soul for my own devious purposes. I’ve just conquered  you just to destroy you from the inside out. HAHAHAHA!!


My cold an powerful words can cut you like ice sickles of solitude and strength can form glaciers of insurmountable path ways that block all negativity and harm .from getting to me.


A smooth prodigy I be. The true reincarnation of Malcolm X by any means. With my poise and ethereal image I can make like a faucet and drip sweet words from my lips and etc. I can form rain from your eyes and raise thunder storms from the palm of my hands in advance and destroy all of your plans with no trace of a single drop of h2o.


Tornadoes and hurricanes rise high to the top of the atmosphere touching the astral tips of the skyline  where you will find my mental level sometimes. I other words I feel like no one cane join me by hand and mind because I’m to high up. Please feel free to join me if you dare because there is no air where I am. Is there anyone on my level of thinking or do I have to let the wind do the talking and let the cyclones do the walking. I’ll just send a tsunami of thoughts threw your brain waves to crash into wet sands.


With my feet planted to the ground I will bloom soon with the trees growing to become the final release for me to breath every breath I choose. Try not to touch the beautiful rose thorns covering my arms and palms because you will get hurt. You will bleed the poison I possess in the the photosynthesis of my finger tips sharp like jagged rocks my skin color tan like Quick sand ready to swallow your life existence whole if you deceive me in anyway trust me.

I am a force of pure nature and I am all five elements that produce pain, joy, sorrow, rage and happiness. I AM FIVE!!!