To The Disgraceful And Unfaithful Fathers Of The Unwanted

This one here is for all the good single mothers I appreciate your true strength. I love you all!

That man…. The man that helped in creating the child that you both received. He left you to take care of all their needs. To you so called men. You are all just boys in a playpen. Trying to make your way in her life with fake words of love. You got you chance in and didn’t use a glove. When you’ve entered the womb it was her special and sacred place she gave to you. She thought you would be the man to stay and rule. You two faced rat! With spoken words of lust to cheat the game of life. Manipulating her to give it up. You foolish human with all the traits of satanic tendencies. You turn Eve against man. Leaving a good man with no chance of ever wooing her no matter how much you’re real with her.

You have to understand her mental pain and scares. The boot prints left behind that ran out on her relive a bad past. Making her challenge her worth and place in earth. Thanks a lot to the cowards that turn women off to a real start. With a man who wants a real commitment. A man that will be there and love his women and child with with imperial care. To the mothers and the mothers of fatherless sons and daughters. The ones that were created with no bother. Left to the beautiful and strong mothers to raise them. She loves them and will put nothing above them.

The most beautiful creation in the world is life. He took it for granted. Left y’all alone and stranded. One of the worst things in a kids eyes is when they see another kid with both parents.


You poor excuse made in God’s imsge. Tarnishing the minds of women. Running out on his own damn children. You fucking discuss me! Do you know that the almighty can see. So I sit here giving my high praises to all the mothers. The single parents. The true worriers of our creation. Taking us and raising us from babies to adults. Disppite our emotional handy caps.


Oh ya! To the little boys who call yourself men. Ya I’m talking to you!!! If you want my address I’ll kindly give it to you. If you gain the courage to show ya face to plea your case. I’ll personally beat the taste and cave ya face leaving shattered in all places. That’s even if you can make it on my block without some kid carjacking you or shooting you at point blank. Fuck you and all your excuses your a disgrace.

For real thought! If you want my info. Go to my contacts and email me and I’ll give you my where abouts. By the way… I’m a real man and if you go throuh my directions and actually meet me. I’ll play far…. That’s my word….

I’m not joking or playing so contact me I you dare.

Desirable Words Of A Queen


She undressed me with her words. I put my hands around her curves. I never felt vibration like this. Murder me by smothering me with your attention and love. She wispered to me… “Take off your latex gloves and touch me in ways that my mind can never comprehend.”

Shut the blinds of your last encounters. I promise you will never feel love so deep within you. I can go deeper if you want me to… The magic… We are compatible in different time zones. I can hear your voice. I can feel them moist lips kissing my chest leaving wet imprints just above where my heart beats for you. The Crazy thing was that you were never in my presence. You were never even there nor have we met in person. Magic!

Your word alone made love to me…


A Rose Blooms From A Glass Of Chardonnay


You’ve baked brownies laced with the taste of love.

You’ve kept the temp right always between us.

A tug of war with who adores who more.

So I did the dishes and you dried them off.

I see the twinkle in your eyes bating your lashes.

We moved closer and closer with lip locking magic.

The feeling I got was instant like a hot bowl of beef ramen.

I instantly insisted that I already knew what was next.

Oh…. I was wrong…

You stopped what you were doing and reached into the fridge to grab a can of whipped cream.

You turned around bright eyed with a smile and ran up the stairs like this was a dare.

The truth that I follow behind was a trail of your clothes that hit every three steps.

Your bra at the top of the stairs was the last clue prepared.

I opened up the slightly cracked door to her you softly day come on.

Ive never seen a human ice cream Sunday pretty pleased with two cherries on top.

Pretty please…

Pretty please…

I didn’t even matter that she got her cream all on my new sheets.

Didin’t come out of the can though…


Block Immortals

Someone wanted him dead but everyone was too scared to take his bounty. He found that crazy. In a city where people always get silenced for less than less. Violence to him is like a vacation for a week. He’s to use to its comfort like fresh bed sheets on a king size bed. Well known and well respected. Making all things stay in order never getting hectic. Very hospitable to the visine eyes with snipers as family ties. Think first before you put your finger on that guy or be baptized in bullets immediately. “Sleep in the sea or eat with me that’s your choice”. He said out his low tone voice. Please don’t shake the dice and snake eyes twice so go home to your girlfriend or wife or you can lose your life.


Why All The Negitivity Chris?

There no puppys and kittens and sunny days in the view of the lineing of my scopes target.

Friends become enemies… Enemies become disloyal… Disloyalty becomes death…

Nah not that pretty TV show death of a cherished character. The ugly kind of death.

The victim or whatever doesn’t come back to the set for a take two. Such a headache…

I’m not at all traumatized I’m more or less modernized because this TV show is often familiar to my peripherals.

Giving my true visions of life a bad rerun. For me to run…. Nah! Never! I’ll die where I stand.

I’ll live like a renegade than to live under paid. Yelled at by a boss that doesn’t even know your name or where your from or what it took for you to get there.

Two middle fingers painted gold raised up like Cee Low Green telling you that I could give a solid gold fuck about what or how you think of me.

Or what you suggest I do or how I should be… When a close friend of yours gets murdered beside you in your passenger seat by loud gun fire and you watch as he takes his last breath.

Give me a call!

Maybe then you will understand why my heart is so fucking far!

This piece is dedicated to Mannie Moons, lor ham, lor monkey, John john, black E, lor Aaron, grace, Man, Pusha, big toot, lor B, Noodles, Nolan No go, lor lee, lor X, Slink, Dot, Dirty A, midway pookie, lor Jerry, lor Ryan,  Kave man,  Jabbie, Red Dogg, hershey, lor Cey Cey, Darrell, lor dell, Wayne, Murda, B.L. , Emanuel, fish……. R.I.P to you all I’ll see you when I get there and if I didn’t mention your name in sorry it’s just to Damn many lives lost.

Gamma Waves By Cameron Chin

Brain waves flowing fast and strong like a tsunami. Can you hear that frequency? Can you hear those waves crashing on the shore? Flooding your system with things you can’t ignore. Wreaking havoc on your life. This frequency you hear, you wouldn’t wanna hear it twice. High pitch scream like a baby in tears as those waves pierce you from ear to ear. When will it end? When will my life be the same again? This tsunami I speak of is society as we know it, flooding my mind with things that will soon implode it…….

There Was Party For Me But I Wasn’t Invited

The air outside is heavy.

I’m weighed down with guilt.

Your prejudice target.

I have to dress casual for court tomorrow.

I lost a bet to my ex and now I love alone.

Propriety damage on the housing of my brain.

There is no point in me living without uncontrolled substances.

A steroid to enjoy running after adrenalin.


The fumes of whats being cooked in the kitchen makes me horny.

There are way to many fatherless children.

I need this pen to win first place.

This morning I filled my tea cup up with emotions and dropped it.

Its broken now, how familiar.

A rebel that escaped the devil. I went though the wind shield crashing into my reality challenging the pain of blocking fresh cut fate tempting to taste all the spoils of war. My life I don’t adore when attempting suicide is such a bore defending my stand point is now my only chore. So I will love on only to indour…. More pain!

Are You Interested In Starting A New Fire With Me

Tell me… Is it wrong to want a women so bad? Is it a crime to spoil her with all the things she loves? Is it a problem to beg on my knees until they bleed for her tinder worth? Is it stupid to be in love with someone who you’ve never met in person? Would it be a bother to ask her can I call her?

Or should I just say fuck it… Why bother? Why chase after someone doesn’t even want you? Why be a fool for you? Why? Just to get my dignity crushed under the wait. Why even keep talking to someone who doesn’t even get your point or feelings toward it? Why talk to this person only to find out there probably already involved with someone or just doesn’t want anyone? Why talk to this person that can’t even tell how much you want them so bad?


I don’t care about your skin color or religion. I don’t really care who you worship in their image. I don’t care about your wild and crazy past. I don’t care about the drugs you did or didn’t do in the past. I just want you!

I want your love to fly to me.

Be my guiding beam of a bed made up for us tomorrow morning.

I need every ounce of you cotton candy kisses of energy.

With your affections deep vibes sending shock trimmers arousing my interests.

I want to soul heartedly get to know all the things that make you happy.

I will hold you tight and bring you night when your having a bad day.

Everything will be ok…

When your tears drop…

Its ok to let them out.

I’ll grab every tear that fell and wipe my face with them to feel what it is that my love is going through.

True…. This is true…

I want to start something new with you.

I want to run you a warm bath and anoint you with a sweet sented body wash for a goddess.

I will do anything to please the true Queen of my hearts throne.

Will it be a bother if I asked you for a starting chance.

I won’t let you down…

Reaching For True Love


I want to feel you so..

All I get is your dail tone…

Always wanting something I truly never had…

Free me… So I… Won’t be… So…


Wanting you…

The real you…


Spark my interest for the best wishes from me…

I’ll pledge my eternal allegiance…


Needing and wanting to water your honored garden…

Walking past all the poison ivy with diplomatic immunity…

My trust is in you to guide me…

Put all the evil behind me…

Watch the wings grow and glow…

Feather trails all the way to the promised…

Wearing the fallen armor…

Hug me, touch me, kiss me, love me….


Let you and I join forces and bless the future together…

All I need is us the hands of determination…


Putting The Fire Out With Gasoline

I’m a stone that can’t be moved. I’m the lie that silenced the truth. I’m the figment of your imagination making you question your sanity. I’m the reason you gotten rushed to the E.R…. Don’t play with me.

When rough times blew through I stood in the snow with my bare feet. I turned red wine into heat and built a house out of the street.

I never ran from my responsibilities and I made a lot of enemies. My morals are made out of solid gold plus I stuck to the G code.

I’ll take a stand when all you do is criticize while sitting down in a chair built from your own negitivity.

The rain was cold and the front of my boots were shitty from all the ass I’ve kicked. In the past I’ll admit that I was the last person who you wanted to pick a fight with.

Carnage was the degree I mastered in. I cut the umbilical cord from my mother of mayhem. To be reborn into a life of walking in a strait path.

You know honestly I can’t lie. I feel like my transformation is conflicting with my  patience. Making me feel like maybe I just never changed at all…