Wusup everyone!!

I’m Chris…

I’m just a average man in his early 30s. I don’t really have much to say so bare with me. On this page I talk about real issues, love, Drugs. All the ups and downs some of us all face. And more!

I’m just trying to let you here my side of my short boring story. Lol! I’m still trying to a just to being a people person. Don’t ask why! I’ve been through some wild shit.

Nuff said…

I’m a lover, fighter, protector, cook and beast… Well never mind the beast part…  I’m a fluffy little teddy bear made of kevlar. Ya… Let’s just say that…

Here… I don’t sugar coat dog shit… I expose it! You won’t get pristine Grammer on this page or magnificent punctuation… Mostly I write how I talk.



No one’s perfect and a true artist makes there own way instead of traveling the same route every one else does…



If you can… please leave comments! Please! I’m desperate ova hear! Lol! All feed back is welcomed… and so are curse words.. or calling me a dumb ass!

Feel free to contact me at enytime… Even on holidays being that I don’t celebrate them… Or just to say hey.

I also Dj at kids parties, birthday bashes, bachelor partes, barmisva’s even funerals… I’m trying to get dis money hand ova fist! Well the funeral part is a joke…. sooo… ya…..

Cbland44@yahoo.com 👈👈👈👈👈