My Cuddle Buddy

A dime piece shined stepping out of the shower. Putting a towel around her upper chest and another towel she used to dry her hair with. It’s 10 degrees outside and the blizzard is not the only thing that’s coming tonight. I’m sitting comfortably. High off what I see feeling like I got hand warmers in my burgandy and grey sweat pants.

Thank the Lord my shorty left the bathroom door open so I can see all that is mine. All that is fine. All that is divine. Good God! My suger baby is a goddess! She was looking in the bathroom mirror drying and fixing her long curly red hair only to put it in a ponytail. She can feel my eyes scanning and lotioning her body down before she even laid down. She looked out the corner of her left eye and said “baby…. Why you looking at me like that”. I said to her… I think you know why.


A beautiful pink butter fly burst out of its cacoon making my seasonal directions riot soon. A platoon of tingly feelings March up the back of my neck. You aroused me with just a blink while small liquid dots come down your soft silky skin making me weak in the knees like the S.W.V. song. I just want to touch you all over your wet body when I unwrap the brown towel from around you then put ya feel up and eat ya sweets up.


I looked out the window from the black recliner to see slow snow flakes dropping from the cloudy nights sky. Then I heard her towel drop to the floor and I slowly looked to the left to see her body’s natural glow. I want some bad but I know I got to be a good boy and wait. Naked and oily from her blue berry scented body oil she began to walk over to the bed and put on her red tee shirt…. Damn I love it when she puts on that cut up red tee shirt exposing her thick curves and her bright desirables the perfect image of God’s gratest creation…..

She was driving me crazy and she knew how to put the petal to the metal and work the hell out of the stirring wheel. She then slipped under the thick white puffy blanket and I watched her turn away from me in the bed with a slight devious smirk facing the bathroom. I thought to myself for a second and self agreed that we should get undressed and get in the bed with her.

She said to me “baby I want it in me now”. So I said… Hold up and let me hit the kitchen and get some water first then I’m going to come back and put that ass to bed. She then said to me “Hurry up please daddy”. I walked down stairs to the kitchen and went to the fridge, pulled out the jug of water and poured it into the cup and drank it. I then put the food that was left out on the stove back into the fridge and the jug of water too. It only took me a minute to get back up the stairs and into the room where my little snow bunny was waiting for me. I hoped into the soft bed with my lady. Got closer and closer till I was behind her and then……… I heard her lightly snoring. Damn! Obviously she’s had a long day at work So I left her to sleep. Ain’t that a bitch. Well in a way I guess I did put her to bed.



Be Gone You Soul Killer

I remember now.

I rearranged my room.

I couldn’t resist seeing my bed empty.

I told you to leave and don’t look back.

I am a wreck.

I can still hear your voice.

A Friday night disagreement.

I finely chopped the chain to my future’s anchor.

I was depressed for some years.

Don’t you cry.

Never live under someone’s shoes to be broken.

You left that dark colored hoodie.

I want my life back.

Never ever let a black cat sleep in your mind.



A Young Cubs Transformation Into A Feared Lion

A STRONG MANS FATE. He took a blood oath by chasing a ghost that was never there.

HE BECAME SUPERIOR QUICKLY. Casting spells out turning his foes into smoke and receiving a black cross tattooed in the middle of his forehead.

HE NEVER RAN AWAY FROM A FIGHT. Brawling with the strength and stamina of Zeus. Ripping trees from there roots. Punching through concrete burriers that surrounds him with heat.

IS HE A MAN OR A MONSTER? He can’t tell no more. His body’s always sore. He got tired of being poor and his silence spoke louder than yours. So listen to a cold hearted lion as he roars.

HIS MEMORIES OF THE PAST. Where the torture and blood shed reside. He was a weak individual who was picked on by his family of criminals. Till one day he stood up and flashed lightning till the men tured to minerals.

PLEASE DONT JUDGE A SWORD BY ITS WEIGHT. He stood on the hill in freezing temperatures grinding with Bill the beastly one. Till will the creepy one pulled heat out to steal from bill but Bill drew first putting a whole in will for trying to pull out on him.



Mak 90

He came from out of the dark ally slowly like Poseidon rising out of the ocean.

He was pushing a baby stroller while the guys were working the corners.

No one paid attention to the man with this baby stroller till he unsheeted his gun from out of the stroller like he was taking out and picking up his new born baby.

The man with the stroller cocked his assault stick back and told those coner workers on the block “every body lay the fuck down!”

The guys on the block all complied with stroller man request. Except for one little piggy that tured and ran off selfishly not thinking of his comrades.

The man with the boom stick got nervous and sprayed them all exept the little piggy that ran off.

Now why would this little piggy run from a big bad wolf.


Please! Don’t Read This! This Is The Worst Shit I’ve Ever Wrote

Ya I cursed! Violent talks and walks through the dust storms. I love all of your positive speeches. I love all of your pictures of Sandy beach’s. I dug a bullet out of his chest with a steak knife and my finger nails. I know I ain’t shit and I never will be so don’t have pitty for me just listen to me. What? I bet you just think I’m downing myself. Just check my track record or Google misery. I was sixteen the first time I snorted a brown dream. I’m sorry but everything just can’t be perfect in your life! Or is it? Maybe you never had to steal to feed your siblings. I’m not hating! I’m glad you can take trips. I can’t cuz I have felonies so I can’t get a passport. The good old USA…. FUCK DONALD TRUMP AND THE KKK!!!!! Racist to me just because I’m black watching neo Nazis March on Washington D.C…… What the fuck is going on! Hold up! I fucked up… This was suppose to be positive. What I wrote was suppose to make you see who I really am… Or some shit! Fuck it… I fucked up again and again, and again and again…. Filled caskets while you sat home cozy hand crafting wicker baskets. I’ll just watch the pictures of you going to college or graduating or some shit. I’m sincerely glad that you made it. On the flip side where I reside prison pictures in the yard with other inmates for making chancey mistakes. Oh fuck! Is chancey a word? I don’t care…. It will be today! I made being me fashionable. You stole it to perpetrate. If you really knew how we live across the train tracks. You would shed a tear for every time I gotten booked for a misdemeanor charge went to bail review and got a no bail then got sent back to jail to rot in hell. Anyway… I’m so proud of you and your remarkable success… For real! I’m not hating at all! I guess we all went to jail because we didn’t want to starve. My mother was just happy that I survived in there all…. That’s it…. If you got questions… No comment! The 5th!



My good friend La’Camry! A great artist and calaberater of mine. Keep doing ya Thang La’Camry!


I despise how your pretty brown eyes could ever assimilate that I am beneath you.
The only way we could become this delusional to such conclusion is from the fantasy you have been placed in.
I grant you my graces, cause I’ve been to hell and back.
Been at my lowest, dining with peasants,
I thank God for granting me my sanity back.
You misinterpreted that I want a sequence to what you’ve gain.
Misread me thinking the recent knowledge of you discerns me to any pain.
Underestimating me of queen abilities, when my mind isn’t that shallow, throwing stones at me that I’ve already manage to swallow.
Pillow talking bout what jewels were discovered  between my legs.
Well let’s analyze and emphasize what lies in this head.
I turn agony into blissful pleasures, I elevate minds to shake realms  and break dimensions, and to any god fearing man I’m…

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NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER 18/ Pure Ice Cream Part 1/ Page 3- Just Feeling The Clouds

Note to self…

I’m so hopeless with out herself.

To be noted…

I’m pro you! That means I’m all for it. Every word you’ve ever spread out to me. I’ve never ignored it…

One word…


The reason way a man still breathes. The reason he’s never felt short sleeved. Love struck as love trobbs increase from your inner beauty secrets.

Just that word love was alway ominous to my ears drums. The souls of the weak were always collected in lonely motel rooms by its down falls. Forever stuck In the volcanic caves of limbo. Checking out the first post.

This always feels like a cinematic  experience. Untied barriers laces. To place myself in the middle of your sensations.

I’ll never let go…

Like hanging from a loose rock from the highest mountain top. Dangling my feet… Being cold air brushed.


I don’t know…

Yet you remain making my furnace burn baby burn in the center of my globe.

I’m never letting go…



Just can’t go!

Note to self if Im still existing in her heart…….

NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER 18/ Pure Ice Cream Part 1/ Page 2- Keep It Sticky For Me

The emperor of your heart. You told me to rule it. Cool rushing winds flow through my window. Thats how I know you’re here. I envisioned us… Together….

There was never a single tidal wave in our days. You’re the only way for me. Combined love hits us faster than the speed of sound. You will feel it better than a multitude of orgasm experiences. Yin and yang… I thank you for bringing us to this circle of trust.

The solid silver thoughts I have of ways to praise you. My cup is never full enough without you. Loving the way you sip me taking a slow cruise. My honey bee stung me. Programing her true love in me. The faithful love from you is validated.

Meet me down in the frame of the sleeping meadows. Satisfyingly truthful bringing more blesings. Your proposal! Mmmmm…. taste just like Now or Laters.  calligraphy in stone has or love written.

This is deep passion spilled over sheets of Lenin. Your already there at the top of the place that I wanted to feel and see.

Busy as usual for me my honey bee🐝


NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER 18! Pure Ice Cream/ part 1/ page 1- Loose Butterflys


Something beyond my comprehension…

Chasing skirts with no stockings underneath them…

I quest to impress you…

I’ll slowly undress you…

In your eyes…

In your smile…

God has properly place on you…


Watching the stars on you projection twinkle…


Like singing strawberry flavored candy canes…

Please don’t fly away from me…

If you decide to…

Can I catch you again…

Replacing fears of trusting another…

When we took baths…

You showered me with your love…

You are here now for me…







I Surrender

A great friend of mine and a great writer who…. is the shit! La’Camry from (camsclosetblog.wordpress)
And me… Chris from (listen with your soul)


Hey guys here is a little something I’ve been working on with the great help from Chris. He is AWESOME by the way. But here is my first ever duet, so hope y’all enjoy as much as we did creating..


A Duet By: CAM & CHRIS

On the run, we were unbreakable.

We bore the zig-zags of life’s curves.

You were the running back of the show;

your only instructions were to follow my lead.

I’ll guide you there all i asked was for you run it home.

Undivided & united we were supposed to stand

Suddenly I’ve been standing alone,

 stalling & being stagnant for you to return to your throne,

Leaving me guessing that you think you can conquer the world all on your own.

I’ve never mind you being the coach or even the QB.

 I understand that your mind is strong enough to rule…

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