600th Post 6 Million Faces

Dead Man Walking

The last

will be last

Ask for action

You’ll get my laughs

I’ll get pass


From the past


They say

The first shall be last

Or some shit like that

Cutting mirrors in half

With a sharp punch

Field slice or a battle axe

Let the race begin

This time

With me in it

Still sinning

Still equivalent to

A start

That has already finished

I ran in circles around the

So called competition

You can now see my ass


I’ve had a nice flight






To Worn Out To Dine

Bakery fresh

First sight love

Stuck to me like lacquer

Never lack there of


Crescent roll

I made homemade


Flat before naked


Tight like two best friends

Sense 1989

Robbed blind by

Not making sense to why

How high can one taste get

Pollution starting in the sky

By smoke stacks

High enough to

Listen to the dwarf planet

Of Pluto’s accent

Accidental connection


Of slow reactions

I Couldn’t act quick enough

To say how I felt

I choked up like

I was being strangled by Orions Belt

You can not move a

Non-rolling Stonehenge

Earth tone spirit

Gimme gimme gimme

I kept my mouth shut


One of my murder investigations

I hated that I was the center of attention


I had a attentive vision

On what had sparked brain cells

To wear breeches

Waved horse ride

Cold chilling

More ribbons

In the sky

The next bridezilla

Thinking to far

Her eyes were like

Badazzling stars

Smelling like

The look of a rainbow

Gaurding my feelings like Nato

Trying to untangle

The head phones cords

On my tongue

To talk

Tongue tied



She said the first word

Shy ass me

I was stone stiffend


“First and foremost..”

“Free El Chapo!”



When I was younger. I sold my soul for a can of beans. I was given something different.


Yet, filling…

Is winning equal to a good feelings… I’m still healing… The shark tank cracked open… Exposing my true fealings…


“First and foremost..”

“Free El Chapo!”


Brain scrambled… In this everyday battle… I want what you got… I must be patient to have it… Lost marbles! Camouflaged in smiles!

Then pow!

Right in the kisser!


“First and foremost…”

“Free El Chapo!”


I’ve created my own lane… Burning hands on hot stoves… Lit cigarettes put out on my legs… When a ten year old…


Getting older…

Loading Ivory in to weak soldiers… I let them all have it… I’m still dead from… Thee somethings so tragic…


No prof…

I learned magic… Banned from heaven… Kain in leather…


“First and foremost..”

“Free El Chapo!”


Six in the morning… Your oil refinery is mine indeed… If you want it back… Go get some heat… Then take it back from me… Flames scorching those rats…

Pack sun screen…

If you send someone back…


“First and foremost..”

“Free El Chapo!”


Far from a saint… Far from patriotism… Blood is my brother… Don’t fuck with my sistas… You would rather catch syphilis… Then to pull up on this death penalty system… Snakes that don’t hiss…

I bite…

I don’t break…

This ain’t my country… This was a bad mistake… Creative speach… Is to listen then speak… Egg shells I will never creep… Shell casing I will leave…


“First and foremost..”

“Free El Chapo!”


American secret……….