Voices No Longer Exist

(18+) explicit content


Explicit! Freedom of my speach. My mind is my condo of nasty things for us to play with.

You gave me the district! Teasing me with tongue twisters. Blowing the bubble wand. Using me as a appetizer.

Are you in disguise now? Like Halloween! Tight black cat woman type of spiced up you cook with.

Testing me! Saying I can’t have no more of it. Then I said you can’t have no more of it. You fake wined. So behind I gave you more of it.

The sensation orbited in educational taboos on location. You let me have what I wanted.

Girl! You spoil me clean with whole wheat barley! probably robbed me on site! Evaporated all the cake icing. left behind memories glazed across melinan.

The rooms skys temperature was benevolent…

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