Elroy Jetson

It’s your boy elroy out of this world!

Gunz leaving train smoke never found so I’m as clean as a pearl!

Thughts to myself so I don’t reveal truth.

Fearing what you don’t understand is something I won’t do.

Taking teeth free root canal come see me.

Be at the bee hive with an extra set of fuckery.

Sets thrown up at me where finger get broken in places hoping there is a chance they will heal. Keep living your life like your actions don’t have deadly side effects like a foot up your ass to the heel….

Place your bets now for the summer on who will still be living. The city were the only protection you have is being incarcerated or dead seeing bikes wheelieing.

Sore hight into the inevitable incredibly optimizing serrated qualities gained from last week’s body. Drug dealer from the early 90s acting like it’s the late 80s trusted them kids till they couldnt even revive him.

They even put holes in his timberlands…


I’m Elroy Jetson!

I ain’t seen notta!

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