All Is Behind Your Back… I Am Your New…

Sahara desert rains out the drought in my bitterness. Don’t lift your finger to punish my kisses. They turned you away. They hated how strong you are! Your sexual ways…

I took you away… From your environment safe! Discovering that the only reason you do what you do to them. That’s what they did to you!

I left no room for love to escape. All I have shown you! Twisted what you thought was going to be your fate. Infatuation rush!

Intrigued by my 38 laws! You respect me to which you honor. I extended my sympathy… Loving you like a mans supposed to…

I showed you something… In a Godly like form! You smile everyday! Putting a block on a upside down lipped smile cell phone ring…

Us home to each other… Is never overrated! Through the receptive feelers! You feel some… Thing… That’s why I’m the first guy. You said….

“I love you!”


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