The Red Life


I’ve played for the red team since 14. When the cops came for us. They would bring in small tanks and swat teams.

Lined us up on walls like book shelves. Violation of rights when we were kids. Till we became grown males.

Then we wasn’t having that shit!

The lady’s to…

I ain’t going to lie! They were more ruthless than the dudes.

Shooot! There was no win or lose. Structure and obedience was formed strong while we paid dues.

We crowded up the prison systems like the bad aroma of chitlins. Riots from mistreatment. Watching cell blocks burn like it was tradition.

Escalator moving up the ranks quickly. Till I became top dog in the pound. I guess you could call me a blood hound.

Or maybe a pitbull barking loud sounds. Uncontrollable arts and crafts on side walks and stop signs.

Territory marked up by following Sun Tzu’s guide lines. I guided all minds to be true.

Always have your brother or sisters back marching throughthe streets. Malcolm X by any means.

You can agree or disagree. Fine by me…

My soldiers will steady mob till we ever shall fall under siege by anything. You don’t have to like me at all.

The red team will always be ready to play ball.


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