Why do you always fall for the same ones?Don’t you know he will break your heart again? Would you be willing to bet on a man like me and win? I promise you I’m different.

I’m nothing like him see my heart pumps blood thick warm dark crimson and he bleeds wild berry cool aid so whats understood don’t need to be explained. Try me miss, please I’m telling you I’m different.

He’s always in a rush with you. I’d rather take my time with you and get to know you, listen to you bare all your worries and problems. Listen… I know all about hardships that dock and don’t leave. I’m tough and rough but Ill still be submissive to your every need.

Miss please don’t make all the same mistakes because hes got a nice car and his bank is full and hes well educated. So what!

I’ve got a plethora of hope and faith in me and a old prison I.D. but all that means is I know where I’m going and where I want to be. Please put your trust in me.

I’m telling you miss I can treat you better than him and don’t over look me because they wont give me a job and I have PTSD. That just means I need someone like you to really love me.

Excuse me but am i odd to you because i’d rather wait for marriage to make love to you. Im serious because to me sex is overrated if your love for him isn’t true.

True love! I can take you there and elevate you there. To the whistling clouds of the ninth sky level. Hes always lying and cheating yet you still stay by his very side.

I really hate that! Why do you do this to yourself? I’m not perfect but i can hold your hand in public and show you all of my affection better than him.

Open your ears and listen to me please. Just try someone you never expected like me I will be your oak tree standing tall and full of life. I will show you I love you and that I care.

Please miss don’t over look this potential because you’ll never no what you’ll be missing and all this love you could be getting.

Don’t over look me.

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